How can I improve my results and reputation? (Opens, clickthroughs, sign-ups, unsubscribes, bounces...)

Increase opens and clickthroughs

1) Don't get caught in the spam filter! Be sure you've got prior consent to mail your contacts.

2) They won't open emails from someone they don't know either. Authenticate your sender so they're positive your emails actually come from you!

3) Segment your list and send relevant, highly targeted messages at all times. People signing up to learn about X won't care about Y (and may even flag you for spam!). Special offers for specific customer should never be sent out to everyone. Each customer profile needs to be handled differently. You can even have E-goi display different things to different customers in the same email!

4) 3 seconds is all you've got to stand out from the inbox clutter. Go for catchy, hyper-relevant subject lines - and make them fun to boot. Check out these tips by Wordstream. And do make sure to use your email snippet to clinch a killer subject line!

5) Don't make it harder for people to click through your emails. Use a clean, responsive design with a can't-miss-it call to action. Get inspired and add our merge codes to address each contact individually.

6) Split-tests are your friends. Let them help you automatically figure out which design/text combo really tickles your audience's fancy.

7) People may go for days without checking their inbox. Get audience-wide engagement by auto-texting those folks who haven't opened your email yet.

8) All hail the age of mobile! In addition to going responsive, feel free to  use push notifications to turn your leads into loyal customers.


Bring down bounces, complaints and unsubscribes

1) Never ever import old lists, especially if you don't know how those emails were collected. Avoid purchased and harvested lists like the plague! They'll wreck your sending reputation.

2) Keep your list healthy, regularly whittling it down to those contacts who consistently interact with your emails. Filter out non-openers and set them up for a "missing you!" campaign so they can choose to stay or unsubscribe for real. Also, purge all contacts who never opened any of your messages after you mailed them often.

3) Enforce double opt-in across all your subscription forms to prevent invalid or unwanted sign-ups. E-goi's forms include this by default.

4) Make sure your sign-up form clearly states what subscribers will get and how often. Live up to this and consider adding the contact's subscription date to your email's header or footer (use our !dateadd code) so they're never in doubt about why they're getting emails from you.

5) Avoid overwhelming your contacts! Are they saying "too many emails" when unsubscribing? Dial things down a bit and adjust your mailing frequency accordingly.


Grow your subscriber list

1) Add highly visible sign-up forms to your website and Facebook page. If you already use an external form or landing page service, we probably integrate with it

2) If you choose to create a landing page with a form, spend some time looking at SEO options. This way it will be optimised for online search engines and look more professional. And if you want to share it via a SmartSMS message, here's how you can highlight it by showing the page preview!

3) If you run seasonal promotions, put a Pop-up Form on your site. In addition to providing an interesting feature, you can specify what situations it appears in so it doesn't become intrusive ;)

4) Do you speak to your customers on WhatsApp? Place an icon with direct access to get your customer's contact details before starting the conversation. Simply follow the steps to activate a WhatsApp form on your website.

5) Diversify your capture strategy using web push notifications. In addition to generating new subscriptions, it will help increase traffic to your website or blog ;)

6) Dang it, no website, you say? Not to worry, take a look at this blog building how-to.

7) Set up an autoresponder to offer your newly subscribed contacts a cool freebie (discount voucher, ebook, etc.). Got no ebook experience? Never fear!

8) Create an online course which doles out regular emails containing each lesson, leaving subscribers craving for more. Our automations make it a doddle and this workflow guide by Julie Neidlinger shall put you on the right track.

9) Old-school subscription methods are still useful. If you've got a brick-and-mortar business or if you're attending a trade show, bring a tablet along and use it to display your opt-in landing pages.

10) Run a contest! In addition to being a great option for generating leads, it can also generate new sales.

11) Would you like to get more information from the contacts you already have on your mailing list? Activate Smartforms in your forms to get them gradually ;)

12) Make it clear what people should expect when they sign up to your mailing list and then keep your promises. This way the risk of unsubscribes will be lower!

13) More tips? Have a gander at Forbes'!


Drive social engagement

1) Add large, compelling send-to-a-friend and social sharing buttons to your emails.

2) Ready to get your email out the door? You can have E-goi auto-post it on your Facebook and Twitter profiles while at it.

3) Run a referral (member-get-member) campaign! Ask your contacts to forward your newsletter to 10 friends and reward those who bring in the most conversions. You can also create sweepstakes and contests. Draw a lucky winner from all those who share your email on Facebook!