Which merge codes can I use in my campaigns?

E-goi allows you to easily merge the contact's own info in your campaign, so you can, for example, auto-address people by their first name (eg. "Hi Susan" instead of a bog-standard "Hi").

We've got plenty of merge codes for you to use at will:

The contact's first name

Last name

Full name

Email address

Mobile number

Fax number

Phone number


The contact's subscription date in your E-goi list


The contact's ID in E-goi

Any extra field you've added to your list (eg. postal address, customer code, favourite items, etc.). Replace "X" by the number of the extra field - you can find it by simply going to the "Lists" menu and hitting "Options" of your list.

In addition to the above, we also offer a plethora of other codes fo you to go wild with one-on-one message personalisation! To check them all out, simply hit the "Options" button while editing your campaign and click "Merge codes". You can also mail-merge days and dates, but for some really cool stuff, be sure to have a gander at our advanced merge codes :)