Adding a sign-up form to my website

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E-goi provides an easy way to create sign-up landing pages and embedded forms for your website.


What's an embedded form?

Adding an opt-in form to your site is a quick, effortless way to grow your contact list. In addition to sign-up landing pages, you can also whip up an opt-in and easily embed it anywhere in your site.


Before you begin



  • Be sure E-goi is connected to your site via Connected Sites.
  • Picture where the opt-in form will be in your site. Although you can put it anywhere in any webpage, you'l be better off if you already have a specific place to embed it in.



Step by step


Connecting your site to Connected Sites

1) Start by plugging E-goi into your site using E-goi's Connected Sites.




Creating the form

1) Once Connected Sites and your site are talking to each other, head over to the Collect menu, then go to Forms and hit Create.

2) A window will come up. Choose Embedded form, select which contact list the form will be feeding subscribers to and click Next.

3) You can create your form from scratch or choose from one of our ready-made templates. If you go for a template, almost everything has been set up for you - just replace our boilerplate text, pics and add or remove fields! For this example, let's choose one of the Newsletter Sign-up templates (which already includes Name and Email fields), provide it with a title, choose the form's language and hit Next.

4) The settings page will come up. We're going for a simple, no-frills opt-in form, so there's usually nothing to change here. Click Next.

5) You'll be taken to the form editor. Click anywhere in the form to change text or how it looks. You'll notice the form is built with blocks, which you can clone, rearrange or delete at will. To add blocks (text, pics, fields), simply drag them from the left-hand panel and drop them anywhere you want them in the editor! It works just like our landing page editor. When you're happy with how the form looks, click Next.

6) You'll see the form's Behaviour section. Most of the options here have already been chosen for you, but you can change any of them, including whether double opt-in emails will be sent out and which message people will see when subscribing (these are the same settings you get when creating a landing page). You can also auto-tag subscribers! When you're done, click Next.

7) Now just run through the checklist E-goi shows you (it's basically a summary of how your form will feel and behave). Under the Embedded form section, copy our shortcode and paste it in the source code of your site's webpage, right in the spot you want the form to appear.

8) Save the changes in your webpage, take a look at it live and voilà! The form will be displayed right where you put it.



Frequently asked questions


How do I temporarily hide the form?

Since your site and Connected Sites are plugged together, just go to Connected Sites and untick your embedded form. Need to display it again? Re-enable it in Connected Sites.


Can I customise the double opt-in email?

Yes. When setting up the form's behaviour, you can customise the double opt-in email as you see fit.


Can I resend the double opt-in email to contacts who haven't confirmed their opt-in yet?


  • For a contact in "unconfirmed" status: Head over to "Contacts" of the list the form is linked to, select the contact and choose "Resend opt-in" under Actions.
  • For all "unconfirmed" contacts: Choose "Actions for the whole list" and select "Resend opt-in". All "unconfirmed" contacts in the list will be sent the opt-in confirmation.
  • For a segment: After you select or create the segment, use "Actions for this segment" and choose "Resend opt-in". All "unconfirmed" contacts in that segment will be sent the opt-in confirmation.


Are there any limits when resending opt-ins?

Yes. You can only resend the opt-in email once per contact to prevent abusive sends and ensure deliverability.


Can I add a file upload field to the form so people can attach, for example, a CV when subscribing?

Yes. While editing the form, click inside the form to edit its fields. On the right-hand panel, click Create field, create a File upload field and slide it to where you want it in the form.

Your contacts will then be able to upload a file when submitting the form. The file will be stored for each subscribed contact, under their profile in E-goi.


Is the form compatible with Internet Explorer?

No. For technical reasons beyond our control, Internet Explorer is not supported. Keep in mind IE market share is below 1%, especially since its been phased out after Edge's roll-out.


Can the form be impacted by a browser adblocker?

Yes. Check out why in our landing page how-to.