Adding a sign-up form to my website


A subscription form is essential to grow your mailing list the way it should be done: by having people sign-up to receive your mailings.

The good news? E-goi makes it a breeze to add a sign-up form to your site!

1) Go to the "Lists" menu, head to the mailing list you want to feed contacts into and click on "Forms".

2) A page will come up containing a form (if you have created other forms in this list, they'll also show up here). Click on the options button for that form (right-hand side of the page) and choose "Deploy".

3) You'll be asked where you want to add the form. Select "In my site".

4) We offer you a couple of ways to embed the form. The easiest is "Iframe", so click on it and we'll give you a small piece of HTML code. Just copy it and paste it in the source code of your webpage (make sure to paste it in the appropriate location of your source so the form is displayed where you want it in the page).

You're almost there! Now save the changes in your site, take a look at your webpage live and voilà! The form will be displayed right where you put it. Yes, it's that easy! How about also having E-goi dole out a series of automated emails to your subscribers? Click here to learn how to do it!


Grabbing the form's URL

If you need to send someone a link to the form, just head over to the "Web" menu, click "Forms", hit the options button for that form (right-hand side of the page) and choose "Link".


Customising your form

Your mailing list's default form has only two fields: "name" and "email". That's enough for basic sign-ups, but you may want to change it (or the form's overall look itself). That's pretty simple to do:

1) Go to the "Lists" menu, head to your desired mailing list and click on "Forms".

2) Hit the options button of the form you want to modify (right-hand side of the page) and choose "Edit".

3) The form editor (we call it Easygoi) will appear. Just place your mouse pointer over anything in the form and a row of icons will show up. Use them to move, clone or remove the item you're highlighting. To add something to the form (a field, an image, some text, etc.), just click the "Add" icon (the one with a plus sign, shown below).

If you are adding a field to the form, make sure to match it with a field in your E-goi mailing list! Don't worry, this is easy as pie. For example, if you add a text field labeled "Name", you should map it to the "Name" field in your list. Similarly, when adding an "Email" field, be sure to map it to the "Email" field in the mailing list - otherwise the information submitted by your subscribers won't be stored in your list!

The editor you'll be using to design your form (Easygoi) is also used for email editing, so if you ever created an email with Easygoi, you'll be right at home here. Otherwise, just check out how to design a newsletter using Easygoi - the way to edit a form is pretty similar.

You can also further customise the form and modify the double opt-in email and thank-you page (plus a number of other options, including auto-tagging subscribers). 


Creating your form using a ready-made template

Designing your form using Easygoi is a cinch, but if you just want to grab a no-frills, great-looking form in no time, we've got you covered:

1) Go to the "Lists" menu, head to the mailing list you want to feed contacts into and click on "Forms".

2) A page listing your forms will come up. Click on the "Create form" button (upper right corner of the page).

3) Under the "Ready-made templates" section, choose a pre-built template (the ones shown below are perfect for autoresponders) and hit "Next step" in the following page.

4) Replace our boilerplate text with your own, click on "Deploy" (upper right corner of the editing page) and follow the instructions to add the form to your site. That's all there is to it! 

Integrating your form with an external service

We integrate with hundreds of apps (landing page services, CRM/CMS systems, pop-up plugins, etc.), but if you've already created your sign-up form using something we don't integrate directly with yet, it shouldn't be too difficult to have it and E-goi talking to each other.

Just follow this brief how-to

Deleting a form

Easy-peasy! Just go to the "Web" menu, click "Forms", hit the options button for the form you want to delete (right-hand side of the page) and choose "Delete".