Running a contest

Need to give away a prize to some lucky winners in your E-goi mailing list? Let's do it:

1) Go to the Contacts menu, head to the list you want to run your contest on and click Contacts.

2) A page will be shown with all contacts in that list. Click Actions for the whole list on the lower left corner of the page and hit Draw winners in the window that just came up.

3) Enter the number of winners E-goi will pick randomly out of your list total and choose or create the tag (eg. "sweepstakes winners") they'll be marked with. Then just click Draw.

Done, it's that easy! E-goi will quickly draw your winners at random and tag them. To view them, simply segment your list using the tag you created. Then set up an email or SMS with your give-away gift (say, a discount offer, an ebook, etc.) and send out your campaign to the segment containing those tagged contacts.


Running the contest on a segment of your list instead of the whole list

Easy-peasy! Just follow the same steps as above, except that in step 2 be sure to first load your segment (by clicking it on the left-hand panel). Then hit Actions for this segment only on the lower left corner of the page and move on to the next steps.


Automating the whole thing

If you'd like to trigger your contest at a specific step of your sales pipeline (eg. offering a discount voucher to random people who submitted a sweepstakes form), just use our automation's A/B test to randomly choose your winners.