Merging the contacts' own info in my mailing (eg. «Hi John!»)

Want to have E-goi automatically address your contacts by their first name when mailing them (eg. "Hi John" instead of just "Hi")?

Then our merge codes will make your day! And it doesn't stop with first names either, as you can mail-merge any other field you have in your contact list in E-goi (birthday, postal address, purchase history, etc.).

Just follow the steps below:

1) Edit your mailing in E-goi. In this example we'll be merging the contacts' first name for a personalised greeting ("Hi John!", "Hi Sandy"). So go ahead and type in "Hi" in your message contents, leaving your mouse cursor in the place you want the first name to show up.

2) Now click the E-goi logo in the row of editor buttons (we're assuming you're using our Easygoi editor).

3) A window with E-goi's merge codes will come up. Simply choose the code matching what you want to merge. In our example, let's look for "First name" and hit "Select" (you can also just copy the relevant code and paste it where you want it to appear in your message).

The merge code for the first name (!fname) will then be added to your message contents. If your list in E-goi includes the contacts' first names, we'll automatically replace "!fname" by the first name of each contact when sending out your mailing! For contacts with no first name, the !fname code will just do nothing.

Quite simple really! But what if you want to do this by directly editing your mailing's HTML code instead of using our editor? No problem, just manually type in the merge code you need. To view all the codes you can use for merging, click the "Options" button (upper left corner of the editing page) and hit "Merge codes". Also have a gander at our advanced merge codes for some pretty cool stuff :)


Merging E-goi's action links in your email

In addition to your contacts' info, E-goi also allows you to mail-merge other cool stuff, such as those action links we add to your email's header and footer (web version, edit subscription, remove, Facebook share, etc.). Yep, you can put them anywhere in your email contents :)

How? Pretty much the same way you add any other merge code. For example, instead of having E-goi's share-this-on-Facebook link in the email footer, let's add it to a nice big call-to-action image prominently placed inside the email.

It's just a matter of using E-goi's editor to insert the image, add a link to it and replace the link's full URL with the "!facebook_share_url" code. When the email is sent out, the code will be converted into E-goi's Facebook share URL, allowing people to click the image to tell their friends about your email!

But what if you're editing the email's HTML code? Easy-peasy, you'd simply locate the HTML for your call-to-action pic:

<img src="//" />

And replace it with:

<a href="!facebook_share_url"><img src="//" /></a>