How can I improve my web push results?

The versatility of web push makes it a channel which you can use to collect leads, engage with them, and grow your sales.

As notifications appear even if the browser is closed, this is a great way to stay present.


Let's see how you can optimise the results:

  • Show up at the right time: It's important for the invite (when people subscribe) and also for the messages you send.
    • Determine what will trigger the invitation and under what circumstances. For example, it's to be shown after a certain period of time and once a day. If you prefer, you can also choose an invite with an interactive icon to give your visitors more freedom to register themselves.
    • Limit the message view so that it can only be received for a certain length of time. For example, if your goal is to promote flash discounts for two days, it's important for the message to only be available during that time so that it remains clear and relevant.
  • Increase your chances of being seen: The invitation appears in browsers that accept web push (Chrome, Firefox and Opera). Reach people using Safari too, just create a certificate and insert it when setting up the invitation that will appear on your site.
  • Make the most of traffic peaks: Are your contacts usually online during working hours? What about on Sunday evenings? Do you have audiences that behave differently? Get to know your contact base, segment it, and send web push messages at a time that can generate the most impact.
  • Enable email subscriptions: This way, you will get a second chance to obtain contacts in the event that people don't want to receive web push notifications. Remember tag them so that you can target these contacts more easily in the future.
  • Personalise your messages: How about beginning your message with a "Hi Mary (...)" or using other relevant and specific information?
    All you need to do is have the data in fields from your contact list and use our merge codes in your message.
    In addition, you can also capture the attention of your subscribers by using images that enhance your message, rather than just using your brand logo.
  • Encourage action: Try to send direct, relevant, and time-limited messages. Using just one call to action often yields better results. Also ensure that the landing page contains the key elements to achieve your goal.
  • Recover abandoned carts: Ideal for those who need a solution that is both easy to implement and more effective at conversion.