Adding conditional content to my email

If you love to slice-and-dice your contact list, you can use E-goi to add segment-based variations to any part of your emails! Say you own a vet clinic - how cool would it be to have the puppy pic in your email auto-switch to a kitty pic for cat owners? Super-cool, that's how!

1) Start by creating a segment in your contact list containing only those people who will be sent different content (in our case, you'd create a segment for cat owners only).

2) Put your email together using Email Builder and add a header picture (in this example, a cute doggo).

3) Go to the "+" sign to the left of the pic and click "Add variation".


4) Create the content for this variation. In this case, let's add a kitty pic as a variation.


5) Since we'd like to have this pic displayed to cat owners, go to the right-hand side panel. Under "Only display this variation to...", choose the segment you've created in step 1.


6) Save your campaign and you're all set! When sending it out to your contacts, those in the cat owners segment will see a lovely kitty in your email...


...while everyone else will get a wonderful doggo instead.




Can I do this for anything in my email instead of just a single picture?

You bet! Just click the "+" sign on each widget you've added to your email and follow the same steps above.