Customising my email footer

When you send out an email using E-goi, we'll automatically add a footer to it, ensuring your email abides by email marketing standards and best practices. But fret not, you can customise it!.


Changing E-goi's footer texts and style

Just click the footer itself while editing your email. You can then change its content as you would with any content block in the editor. If you'd like to hide a specific item (eg. your logo, the web version link, etc.), simply disable its setting on the right-hand panel.


Can I disable your unsubscribe link and E-goi's seal?

Usually you can't, as these are essential for your email and required by law.

The unsubscribe link lets people opt out from your mailings. The E-goi seal allows you to handle GDPR-related requests from your contacts (eg. right to be forgotten).


Can I use my own footer with my own unsubscribe link?

Under certain conditions, and as long as your footer abides by email marketing standards, yep, it's possible. Drop us a line using your account's Help menu, so we can look into it.