Customising my email footer

When you send out an email using E-goi, we'll automatically add a footer to it, ensuring your email abides by email marketing standards and best practices. But fret not, you can freely customise it!.


Changing E-goi's footer colour

Just hit the "Options" button while editing your email (upper left corner of the editing page) and pick one of the available styles under "Header and footer".


Fully customising the footer

If you'd rather put together your own footer from scratch, simply follow the steps below:

1) Click "My Resources" on the top menu bar. Then select "Templates".

2) The templates page will come up. Click "Header and footer" from the sidebar menu.

3) Then click the "Add template" button. You'll be taken to the header/footer editor - just click anywhere in the header or footer to change its contents.

You can modify things to your heart's content, as long as you keep the following 3 items:

  • Unsubscribe link. Contacts must be able to opt out from your mailings anytime they want. E-goi auto-generates this link for you, but you can also create it by adding a standard link anywhere in the header or footer and entering "!remove" (no quotes) as its URL.

  • Email address of both the sender and the recipient. This is required by law. You can use the "!from" and "!email" codes to have E-goi automatically replace them with the sender's email address and the recipient's.

  • Sender's postal address. Also required by law. E-goi will replace the "!address" code with the physical address associated with your E-goi account. This means you can simply change it if you'd like your contacts to see a different address. To do so, head over to your user menu (upper right corner) and select "Account Info". Fancy a different postal address for each mailing list instead of an account-wide address? You can do that as well! Go to the «Lists» menu, hit «Options» under the list you want to modify and add a custom footer address.

4) When you've finished customising, hit "Save" and select "Save and exit". Now go and edit the email campaign you want to add your custom footer to. While editing the campaign, click the "Options" button (upper left corner of the editing page), pick your newly-created template under "Header and footer" ("Style" option) and hit "Continue".

Done, you're good to go! Your custom footer will now be displayed alongside your email campaign.

If you're using a free E-goi account, a promo banner will always be merged to your header and/or footer - even if you customise it. Once you sign up for one of our paid plans.