How often should I send my mailings?

It all boils down to two key things:

- how often your audience is expecting to receive your mailings

- how engaging they find them to be
This means the first thing you should do is clearly state in your sign-up form how often subscribers will be sent mails from you (daily, weekly, every two weeks, etc.). Consider also adding a small reminder to all your emails letting your contacts know the frequency of your sends, as well as where and when each subscriber opted in (E-goi can do this automatically for you).

Consistency is one of the things that tells ISPs you're a good sender, so beware of doing a large-volume one-off campaign (especially to a partner-traded list), as it'll ruin your sending reputation!
Overall, you should mail your audience often, though not too much. Weekly is a nice, not-too-pushy sending frequency, but blasting out huge email volumes every day will have you reported for spamming! If you need to get daily emails out the door, make sure to segment your audience and send them small batches of targeted, highly relevant mailings.

Whatever frequency you choose, always send contents which connects strongly with your audience, offering them something they're really interested in and can't find anywhere else! This is what engagement is all about and the key to having your emails land straight in the inbox