Creating a WhatsApp form

In addition to all kinds of sign-up forms, E-goi allows you set up a WhatsApp form on your site.

Perfect for people to get in touch with your business in a snap - a single click is all it takes for them to send you a WhatsApp message with their contact info!

You can:

  • Get customers to contact you using the currently most popular chat app around.
  • Capture new leads or contacts.
  • Nurture them using a wide range of channels and automations.



Creating the WhatsApp form and adding it to my site

Step 1: Connect E-goi to your site

1) Go to the upper-right corner menu, click Advanced settings and hit Connected Sites on the left-hand panel.

2) Click Add and type in your website URL. Choose the contact list the form will feed people into.

3) E-goi will display a code snippet. This is what gets E-goi and your site talking.

It works similarly to the Google Analytics tracking code.

To add it to your site, simply head over to your website's backend and paste it into the footer source code.

Save your site changes and you're done!

4) It should take only a few moments for Connected Sites to tell you the connection is live.

Now let's whip up your WhatsApp form!


Step 2: Creating the WhatsApp form

1) Go to the Collect menu.

2) Head over to Forms and hit Create.

3) Choose WhatsApp form and select the contact list your WhatsApp leads will be fed into.

4) Click Next to view the form settings available to you.

The key thing here is the sender (ie. the mobile number your contacts will be sending WhatsApp messages to).

The number shown is the one you provided when creating your E-goi account, but you can add a different number if needed.

Once you've set the sender, move on to the next step.

5) Edit the form. By default its look and feel will be similar to WhatsApp's.

You can change some things, such as the intro text, fields and icon placement.

6) When you're done, proceed to Behaviour.

This is where you choose when and how the WhatsApp icon will pop up to your site visitors.

You can also auto-tag WhatsApp sign-ups so you can easily segment and target those people later on!

7) Onwards to fhe last step, where you'll select the site your WhatsApp form will be enabled on (usually the same you've added in step 1). Then hit Next.


And voilà! Your form is ready :)


Step 3: Checking that your form is active

Go back to Connected Sites and double-check the WhatsApp form you created is shown as enabled.

Wait a couple seconds and head over to (or reload) the website page you added the form to.

You should now see the WhatsApp icon!

Click on it to bring up the form. People can then fill in their contact info and send you a WhatsApp message straight off your site!