How can I improve my results and reputation? (Opens, clickthroughs, sign-ups, unsubscribes, bounces...)

Increase opens and clickthroughs by obtaining consent, authenticating your sender, segmenting your list, using catchy subject lines, and creating a clean, responsive design. Avoid bounce, complaints, and unsubscribes by avoiding old lists, keeping your list healthy, enforcing double opt-in, and managing mailing frequency. Grow your subscriber list by adding sign-up forms, creating landing pages, using pop-up forms, and using web push notifications. Drive social engagement by adding sharing butto...

How can I improve my SMS and SmartSMS results?

SMS and SmartSMS messages are effective for building relationships with customers, sending important information, and promoting products. Implementing good practices such as personalizing the sender, being clear at the time of collecting contact information, sending messages at the right time, personalizing the message, optimizing sendings, encouraging action, and creating a multichannel experience can lead to better results.

How can I improve my web push results?

Web push notifications are a versatile channel for lead generation, engagement, and sales growth. They can be seen even with the browser closed, making them a valuable tool. To optimize results, it's important to show up at the right time, limit the message view, reach all browsers, target specific audiences, enable email subscriptions, personalize messages, encourage action, and recover abandoned carts.

Some of my SMS are pending in the network operator. Why?

After sending an SMS campaign, some messages may be pending in the network operator. This can happen if the operator is unable to provide a delivery report (DLR). In some countries, network operators are not required to provide DLRs, which can affect the accuracy of campaign results.

How do I use the "Results and sales" widget in my custom E-goi dashboard?

E-goi's Results and sales widget visually shows how your online shop is performing, but you need Track&Engage for a complete view of your ecommerce.

Is there an E-goi account dashboard where I can see my overall results?

Learn how to create your own customized dashboard in E-goi for viewing campaign results, including email stats, reputation, calendar, and more.

Creating an advanced report

E-goi offers advanced reports that can be exported as raw data for further analysis. Users can customize the type of report, time frame, mailing list, and specific campaigns. The report is then emailed as an Excel or CSV file, with the option to schedule and automate the process.