How do I use the "Results and sales" widget in my custom E-goi dashboard?

If you've got an online shop and created a custom dashboard in E-goi, you'll fall head over heels with the Results and sales widget!

It visually breaks down for you how your marketing efforts are performing and how much you're earning. To get the most out of it, be sure to enable E-goi's Track&Engage across your site.


Do I really need to have Track&Engage in my site to use this widget?

Without Track&Engage, the widget's funnel won't display your site visits, purchase intents and overall sales. You can still have a gander at your reach, sign-ups and engaged contacts, but for the complete 360-view on your ecommerce you should configure E-goi's Track&Engage on your site. Got Google Analytics? Setting Track&Engage up is quite similar.


What does each metric mean?

- Reach: this is based on how many people view your E-goi forms and interact with your emails.

- Sign-ups: everyone who subscribed to your contact lists in E-goi (via opt-in form, using our API or just contacts you added manually).

- Engaged contacts: these are your fans - those who open and click through your emails the most!

- Site visits: everyone who landed on your website by clicking through a message you sent using E-goi (eg. a "buy this item" link in your email). You'll need Track&Engage to view this info.

- Purchase intents: people who landed on your site by clicking through a message you sent using and who then added items to their cart but didn't buy them. You'll need Track&Engage to view this info.

- Sales made: how many sales were generated from the messages you sent using E-goi. You'll need Track&Engage to view this info.

- Revenue: how much you've made :-) You'll need Track&Engage to view this info.