Creating a sign-up landing page

It's quite simple to create sign-up landing pages in E-goi to promote your business and get more leads to your contact list.

Check everything about creating and sharing them wether online or in your campaigns :)



How can I create my landing page?

Step 1: Select a subscribing list

1) Head over the Collect menu, hover the mouse pointer over Sign-up page, and hit Create.

2) Select the contact list where you want people to get in.

3) Choose how do you want to create your page: from scratch, from a template or importing from a link.

4) Give a name to your page and choose the page language.

Please note: Every single landing page is always linked to a contact list and it cannot be changed later.


Step 2: Define your page options

Let's start defining the page options:

  • Page title: This one will appear on the browser tab.
  • Internal page title: You can add a title just for your own reference.
  • Page language: Select your page language which will be the one used in the confirmation email templates, as well.
  • Page link: You can personalise your page link using words in sequence (no special characters or spaces are allowed in this party :))
  • Keywords: These are the words that Google will read to find and show your page.
  • Advanced options: Insert your Google Analytics code or your Facebook Pixel if you want to analise people behaviour on your site after visiting your landing page.


Step 3: Create your sign-up page

And now... let's free our imagination! :)

In this step you will be able to work on 2 points:

  • The visuals: Simply drag and drop items from the left-hand panel. Then edit them using the options from the right-hand panel. It's just like you use to do in the Email Builder :)
  • The sign-up form: This widget will automatically appear on your page content. Just edit the visuals and select the sign-up fields using the options from the right-sided panel. 
    You'll be able to select sign-up fields that you already have in your list. In case that you need more fields, you can create them in the options list or just clicking + Create a field.


To add content to your page, you can drag-and-drop any of the widgets below:


  • Image: Displays a picture you either uploaded, pulled from a URL or picked from your E-goi gallery.
  • Text: A standard text area which you can style and add links to.
  • Title: A title or subtitle area which you can style and add links to.
  • Button: A button with a link, perfect for a call-to-action (eg. "Buy now").
  • Separator: A horizontal line to visually split sections along your page.
  • Video: Displays a video from a URL (eg. YouTube).
  • Countdown: A real-time countdown starting from any date you choose. Great to drive event sign-ups, webinar attendance and time-limited offers.
  • HTML: If you need to embed HTML in your page (eg. JavaScript code), just use this widget.
  • Form: To add a subscription form to your page, in case it doesn't have one already.



  • Social networks: If your business is active on social, add this widget to let visitors connect to your social profiles.
  • Share: This adds social sharing links to your page so visitors can share it directly across Facebook, X, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • Image list: Displays a set of up to 5 pics you choose. You can stack them together or turn them into a carrousel slideshow.
  • Map: Pulls up Google Maps with any location you enter (eg. your postal address or your event location).
  • QR code: Displays a QR code from a link or text which people can scan with their QR code reader.
  • Testimonials: Displays a set of up to 3 testimonials. You can stack them together or turn them into a carrousel slideshow.








Drag the column structure you want to add to your page design. Then drag a content widget (eg. text or image) into each column.





Step 4: Decide what's the behaviour after signing up

What happens after the contacts sing-up? That's what you'll define in this step.

  • Language assigned to the contacts: The contacts' language will be set as the one you select here.
    Be aware that you can select one of the languages that you have in your list options. If you need another one, you should add it right there.
    If you add the language field to your form, then the language assigned to your contacts will be the one that they select :)
  • Tag contacts: Add a tag to the contacts coming from your landing page and start segmenting them.
  • Behaviour: You probably want to give a different feedback depending if your contacts are new / already exist / are unsubscribed. You can either show a message or send an email to them.
  • Limit sign-ups: Select how do you want to limit the sign-ups.


Step 5: Confirm all the set-up

Almost done! :)

Confirm all the steps defined before. You can easily edit them from here by clicking Edit.

And that's all! Ready to be shared and start attracting more leads! 



How can I share my landing page?

Simple: just copy the link and paste it wherever you want!

You can find it in the forms list: mouseover the Web menu, on the top bar, and click Forms.

Then move to the right side of the list. You'll see an Actions menu for each form. Click it and select Link or Options.

There you have your link page ;-)



Do you want to place buttons that direct to a section within the same page? Follow these steps:

1) While editing the page, identify the ID of the content block where you want to direct the link. For example, the page form is in the block with id 16.

2) Next, on the button (or any element that can contain a link), choose Anchor URL among the possible link types.

3) Finally, select the ID of the block, in this case, id 16.

Done! If you have a long page, you can include several links that direct to the main point of the page :)



How can I view my page results?

Ready to analyse your subscriptions volume and more? :)

Head over the Collect menu, hover the mouse pointer over Sign-up page, and hit View all. Then find the page you want to analyse and click Results.