Creating a Smart SMS message

A Smart SMS contains your text plus a special link to a landing page. You'll just need to design this page using our landing page editor and then type in your SMS message. Simply follow the steps below:
1) Go to the "Campaigns" menu, select "Create" and choose the mailing list your Smart SMS will be sent to.
2) A channel selection window will come up. Choose "Smart SMS" and you'll be taken to the Smart SMS editing page.
3) Hit "From scratch" to create your Smart SMS from ground up. You'll need to select a sender (which people will see on their mobile as the message originator - choose "new sender" if you haven't got one yet). Then type in your text under "SMS message" and hit "Continue" when you're done.
4) You'll now see the landing page editor. It works just like E-goi's email/form drag&drop editor - you can add text, pics, videos, forms, etc. -, so you'll feel right at home (if this is your first time using it, click here for a quick how-to). While designing your page, click the "Testing" button and choose "Preview" to check out how the whole thing will look. When finished, hit "Send/Deploy" and send it out as you would any other E-goi campaign.

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