Creating a Smart SMS message

A Smart SMS contains your text plus a special link to a landing page.
You'll just need to design that page using our landing page editor or use your own URL.
It's quite simple, check out the step by step below :)

How can it help my business?

Looking for some ideas? Find some here and here, but remember to adapt them to your business strategy :)

How can I create a Smart SMS?

1) Hit Engage (over the top menu), find Smart SMS and click Create. Then, pick the contact list you'll be doing this send to. Select Broadcast and click Next.
2) Click From scratch and type the Campaign name.
3) Then you'll be able to choose the page type for your Smart SMS:
- A new page created at the moment. In this case, just use the drag & drop editor to create the page. This one will be attached to your message and it'll have its own report.
- A page you've already created in E-goi. The page selected here will be cloned and it'll have its report.
- A page from your website, i.e., your own URL.
4) Next step will be typing your message as you use to do in your SMS campaigns, the editor is very similar as you can see here.
The only difference are the quick options regarding to the page:
- To customise its short link.
- To edit and view its details.
- To preview the content on a smartphone.
5) Once it's looking good, you can send the campaign. Click Next to Setup the last details: when you'll send it and to which segments.
Then, confirm everything along the Checklist and hit Send campaign.

I've already sent my campaign. What's next?

It's time to analise the SMS and the Landing Page reports :)
Just hit Engage (over the top menu). Select Campaigns (left side) and click Report (every sending has this button on the right side).
There you go! A report to check how's the engagement through the SMS message and the page :)