Creating a Smart SMS message

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SmartSMS combines SMS high open rates with the high impact of a landing page. It's a powerful way to engage and track mobile-toting customers across your site.



How do SmartSMS work?

In addition to standard SMS texts, E-goi comes complete with SmartSMS, a unique feature that allows you to text your contacts a link to a landing page with a signup form, promo, survey, etc.

E-goi will also track any contacts tapping the landing page link, allowing you to follow their journey across your site.



Requirements for sending SmartSMS

  • An E-goi account with a plan that allows you to send SMS.
  • A contact list (the contacts' mobile numbers) imported into E-goi.
  • A sender for your SmartSMS message, previously validated in E-goi.
  • A landing page (either on your site or created in E-goi)




The cost of a SmartSMS is the same as a standard SMS.

SmartSMS messages unsent due to invalid or non-existent numbers will have their cost refunded back to your account.



Before sending



A sender lets your contacts know who sent them the SmartSMS message.

Senders work the same way as a standard SMS.



Message encoding

Encoding sets which characters the SmartSMS's text message can display.

Encoding works the same way as a standard SMS.



Message parts

If the message text is too long, it's best to just carry it over to the SmartSMS's landing page.

Alternatively, you can use the Fit into how many SMS? option to split the message into parts.

This works he same way as a standard SMS.



Landing page link

SmartSMS messages always includes a shortlink to the landing page of your choosing.

The shortlink is about 35 characters long. Contacts tapping it will be taken to the landing page.



Unsubscribe link

Although not mandatory, you should include an opt-out link in your SmartSMS so contacts can unsubscribe if needed.

The unsubscription link works the same as a standard SMS.



Sending the campaign


Creating a SmartSMS campaign

1) Click the Engage menu, go to SmartSMS, and hit Create.

2) Select the contact list to send the SmartSMS to, choose whether to send it once or make it recurrent and hit Next.

3) You can create the message From scratch, from E-goi templates or from templates you've saved. Name the campaign (it won't be seen by your contacts) and proceed.

4) Choose how you'll create the SmartSMS's landing page. You can do it From scratch, from a Landing page you created in E-goi or from a Landing page on your site.

5) If you choose to create it from scratch, you can do it now or pick an E-goi template.

6) The SmartSMS editor will appear. Choose the message sender (if you don't have one yet, hit the "+" button to add it).

7) Type int the text of your SmartSMS. To test it, click Test delivery.

6) When you're doneclick Next and follow the steps shown to send the campaign.



Viewing the campaign report

1) Click the Engage menu, go to SmartSMS, and click View all.

2) Click on the campaign's Report button.



Best practices for sending SmartSMS



Frequently Asked Questions


I've got questions about the "SMS" bit of a SmartSMS

See our FAQ on sending SMS.



The SmartSMS's landing page link is shown at the end of the message. Can I switch it to another location?

Yes. Insert the !link code where in the text you want the landing page link to appear.

Example: "Sign up here: !link. We'll keep you posted before the official launch!".



Are SmartSMS messages compatible with all mobile phones?

Any mobile device able to receive SMS messages can also receive SmartSMS messages. Acessing the SmartSMS's landing page requires an Internet connection, which is usually available at all times.



Do SmartSMS messages have a character limit?

Yes, the same as a standard SMS. A SmartSMS's landing page will obviously lets you expand any your message text into the landing page with no restrictions though.