Smartforms. What are they and how can I enable them?

Using Smartforms allows you to determine the number of fields displayed on a form per page visit.

The perfect way to do progressive profiling, that is, build your contact profiles gradually.


This feature can be particularly advantageous to your sales funnel:

  • Allowing you to reduce the number of forms used to request data.
    How? By implementing smart strategies to display form fields.
  • Further personalising your buyers' journey.
    How? By sending them more specific content informed by the data collected.
  • Making conversions more likely.
    How? Moulding sales strategies to where potential clients are in the sales process.



How do I activate Smartforms?

1) You can activate this option in any embedded form, sign-up landing page or pop-up form. Start by creating one of them.

2) When you reach Edit, click on the form widget and then on Enable Smartforms (from the options on the right).

3) Then, choose how many fields you would like to be displayed in the form that visitors will see on the page.

Customising your forms in this way means people will only fill in the number of fields you choose to show each time they come back to the page.

You can also set a message to appear once your contact has filled in all the fields available on the form.


For example:

Your page has a form with 5 fields, and you decide that you only want 2 to be visible on each visit.

E-goi will display the fields you still don't have information for in your contact list.

This means that when a new visitor visits your page, they'll have 2 fields to fill out in the form. When they come back to the page for a second time, they will see 2 different fields they haven't filled in yet, and so on, until information for all 5 fields has been saved in your list (5 fields being what we used in the example above :).