Posting an email campaign to Facebook or Twitter

When sending your email, E-goi can also auto-post it on Facebook or Twitter. This makes it easy to share your latest contents (say, a newsletter) with your followers:

1) Start by creating your email campaign. When it's ready for sending, just deploy it (simply click "Deploy/Send" while editing it).

2) You'll be taken to the campaign's deployment page. Hit "Other options" (bottom of the page) and turn on "Post to Facebook after sending".

3) If you haven't integrated your E-goi account with Facebook yet, a window will come up asking you about this. Once you agree with the integration, E-goi will connect with your Facebook account.

4) Almost there! Make sure the "Post to Facebook after sending" is on and then deploy your campaign as usual.

That's all there is to it! Once your email is out the door, E-goi will post that campaign to the Facebook profile or page you selected.

If you have a Twitter profile, the process is the same, except you'll be ticking the "Post to Twitter after sending" option :)