How can I improve my SMS and SmartSMS results?

SMS and SmartSMS messages are great for building good relationships with your customers while sending important information and promoting your products.

They're known for having a high open rate as they arrive instantly on people's mobile device.


Therefore, it is important that you implement good practices to get the best possible results:

  • Personalise the sender: It may seem like a small detail, but sending messages that have your brand or company name on them will make all the difference in the recognition and trust you convey to your contacts.
  • Make yourself clear at the time of collecting: With E-goi you can get the phone number of people who subscribe through Pop-up or WhatsApp forms, or those embedded into your website or landing page.
    Regardless of which channel you use to get this data, make it clear what people should expect when they sign up and keep your promises.
    This way people are more likely to put in their number. Also, the cleaner your contact base is, the greater the chance of your messages being delivered :)
  • Send your message at the right time: Does it make sense to send your message during business hours or at any given time? Are you communicating an important update, sending a reminder, or presenting a special offer? Study your target audience and segment your contact list based on their characteristics and the purpose of your message.
    If you want to target special dates and occasions, use our marketing calendar to communicate all year round!
  • Personalise your message: How about beginning your message with a "Hi Mary (...)" or using other specific and relevant information?
    All you need to do is have the data in fields from your contact list and use our merge codes in your message.
    In these cases, you just need to pay attention to the size of your message so that it does'nt reach its recipients with bits missing.
  • Optimise your sendings to the max: If you have an international contact base, it is important that you optimise your sendings in line with any recommendations or restrictions in the destination country.
  • Encourage action: Owing to the high opening rate of SMS messages, this channel gives the opportunity to get excellent results, especially when it comes to very specific actions.
    For this reason, try to send direct, relevant, and time-limited messages.
    Do you want to encourage people to buy? Birthdays and special dates like Valentine's Day are usually good bets ;)
    If you are doing it through a landing page, choose to send a SmartSMS and encourage interaction with the link.
  • Create a multichannel experience: Diversifying your communication outlets is important to build relationships with your contacts without overwhelming them.
    Use the Planner to group your communications and create automatic mailing sequences to save time.