Customising my form's double opt-in

To change the form's default double opt-in behaviour:

1) Click the "Web" menu and select "Forms". Head to your form, hit the options button (right-hand side of the page) and choose "Options".

2) A settings window will come up. To disable the form's double opt-in (turning it into a single opt-in form), simply disable the "Confirm sign-ups" option and save your changes (scroll down to the bottom of the window). Keep in mind single opt-in doesn't ensure consent from your leads though, which can damage your deliverability!


Customising the double opt-in email

1) Locate "Double opt-in email" on the same settings window described above and hit "Customise".

2) Now just use our Easygoi editor to change the email to your heart's content (if you ever used it to create an email, you should find this plain sailing ;). However, do remember that our opt-in email was designed for maximum deliverability across all ISPs (Gmail,, Yahoo, etc.). This means you should think carefully about what you change, as you may unwittingly get your form's emails flagged as spam!


Redirecting sign-ups to a specific page

1) Locate "Subscription result" on the settings window.

2) Under "Submission successful (URL)" enter the webpage address that your subscribers will be taken to right after submitting the form (this kind of webpage will usually ask them to check their email for a confirmation message). Under "Subscription successful (URL)", enter the webpage address they'll see when confirming their sign-up. Don't forget to save your changes (scroll down to the bottom of the window).

If you just want to modify E-goi's default post-submission and post-subscription texts a bit, simply hit "Customise" next to the message you want to edit.


Limiting form sign-ups

This is really easy to do! Just locate "Limit subscriptions" on the settings window and tick how you want the form to limit sign-ups. Then save your changes (scroll down to the bottom of the window).