Some of my SMS are pending in the network operator. Why?

Sometimes, after sending an SMS campaign, you can go through its report and notice that some of the messages are pending in the network operator. Why is this happening?

This usually happens when the operator isn't able to provide us with a DLR (Delivery Reporting).




What happened to those SMS?

E-goi will always send your SMS messages aiming to deliver them into your contact's mobile devices.

However, we can only state that the messages have reached those devices if the network operator sends the delivery reports to us.


So, there are 2 possibilities for those messages pending in the network operator:

  • They can have been delivered to the mobile devices but we haven't received their delivery report. So that, we cannot mark them as delivered to the mobile handset.
  • They can actually be pending in the network operator.


It's important to know that, in some cases, network operators may apply restrictions and block messages from being delivered.

In Colombia, for example, any SMS/SmartSMS with advertising content about a network operator won't be delivered if sent to contacts of competitor operators.



Which are the countries with DLR limitation?

There's a legal condition that requires network operators to provide delivery reports, but it's only applied in some countries. This is mandatory in Europe and the United States, for example.

However, in many African, Asian and Latin American countries (we know that it works like that in Colombia), network operators are not required to provide delivery reports.
That's why when you send SMS messages to contacts in those places, the results can look worse than they really are :)