Is there an E-goi account dashboard where I can see my overall results?


You bet :-)

The first couple of times you log into your account we'll show you a few steps to get started with E-goi. Once you complete them, you'll then see something like this when logging in.

How does it work?

The default dashboard includes our help resources, the E-goi blog and the E-goi Community.

But you're free to create your own dashboard with your campaign results! Check it out:

1) Log into your E-goi account (or, if you're logged in, hit the E-goi logo on the upper left corner) to view the default dashboard.

2) Click the My dashboards button on the dashboard's upper rigth corner and choose Create. Provide it with a name and hit the Create button.

3) Click Add widget. A widget is whatever the dashboard will display. Say you'd like to view the stats for all emails you've sent out using E-goi - just click the "+" sign of the Email stats widget.

4) Tick which data the widget will be fed with (eg. which contact lists, which metrics, etc.) and hit Save.

You're all set! The widget will now display the stats you selected. Simply click Save and exit to attach it to your dashboard. How it looks depends on what you're displaying. For example, if you added the reputation and email stats widgets, it would look similar to this.


Can I move widgets around?

Sure! Just click the options button on the upper right corner of the dashboard and choose Edit. On each widget's upper bar you'll see a cross-shaped icon. Click on it and drag the widget to wherever you want it. To change the dashboard layout (eg. make it 3 columns), hit Edit layout and take your pick.


What does each widget do?

- Email, SMS, SmartSMS, voice and push stats: each of these stats-based widgets (one for email, another for SMS texts, etc.) will display the results for the latest messages you sent out.

- Reputation: shows how your sending reputation is doing. The higher the better - good reputation means faster email sends and better chances to reach the inbox!

- Calendar: any scheduled or recurring sends for the upcoming weeks will be highlighted in the calendar.

- Results and sales: see how well you're turning leads into sales with this funnel widget. Check out how to use it!


Can I have my custom dashboard show up every time I log into E-goi?

Definitely! Click My dashboards and then hit the star right next to your dashboard to make it the default. Oh by the way, if you need to delete your dashboard, you can also do it here by clicking the trashcan icon.