Connected Sites. What is it and how do I use it?

Implement web solutions on your website with E-goi to capture more leads and recover abandoned carts. Use Connected Sites to easily activate/deactivate various channels and solutions.

Integrating E-goi with JivoChat

Integrate JivoChat with E-goi to synchronize and segment customer data, send campaigns, and set up autoresponders. Follow 3 simple steps to connect them.

Integrating E-goi with Google Lead Forms

Using lead form extensions in search ads allows for easier and faster customer connection. Integrating with E-goi enables automatic lead data collection for communication through various channels. Segmenting leads, sending email, SMS, and Smart SMS campaigns, and creating automation funnels are all possible with this plugin. The integration process involves setting up the lead form extension in Google Ads and pasting E-goi's webhook. Once the connection is made, syncing options can be accessed t...

Integrating E-goi with ManyChat

Integrate your ManyChat bot with E-goi to capture leads and communicate with customers. Sync email addresses, send email campaigns, and create automations.

Importing products from my store into E-goi

Import your online store products to E-goi and easily embed them in your emails. Just install the plugin, create a catalog, and import your products as a CSV file. Drag and drop the Products widget into your email and select the products you want to display.

What's the contact list callback and how do I use it?

If you use your own external CRM and have coding skills, our callback feature allows you to easily sync your CRM with E-goi for managing customers.

Integrating E-goi with Jumpseller

Integrate your Jumpseller online store with your E-goi account to optimize your communications. Follow the steps in the article to set it up.

Integrating E-goi with Vtex

Easily integrate your Vtex online store with E-goi to automate messaging and increase sales. Use Goidini for a seamless integration process.

Integrating E-goi's Track & Engage with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool for managing JavaScript tracking and remarketing snippets. It can be integrated with E-goi's Track & Engage to automate re-engagement and shopping cart recovery campaigns. Steps are provided to enable Track & Engage, create custom HTML tags, and set up data layer variables. The process is explained in detail and assistance is offered for those unfamiliar with Google Tag Manager.

Integrating E-goi with Facebook/Instagram Lead Ads

Create a Lead Ad on Facebook, integrate it with Goidini for easy management and segmentation in E-goi, and send automated responses to leads. Learn more in our Lead Ads guide.

Integrating referrer and Google Analytics UTM parameters with E-goi

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking website traffic. You can integrate it with E-goi to track visitors from email campaigns, landing pages, pop-up forms, on-site messages, and webpush messages. Just set up Google Analytics and add UTM parameters in E-goi to track the traffic source.

Integrating E-goi with PrestaShop

Integrate your PrestaShop website with E-goi for marketing automation and SMS notifications. Download the module and set it up with your API key for easy syncing and segmentation of your mailing list.

Integrating E-goi with Contact Form 7

Integrate Contact Form 7 with E-goi by downloading and activating the Smart Marketing plugin for WordPress and following the provided instructions.

Integrating E-goi with OpenCart

Integrate your OpenCart website with E-goi to send emails and SMS to customers. Download the extension, install it, sync customers, and start sending multichannel autoresponders.

Integrating E-goi with Zapier (includes over 1000 integrations)

Zapier integrates E-goi with hundreds of web services and apps, allowing for automatic syncing of data and actions between platforms.

Using a webhook to integrate E-goi with an external service

To manually integrate E-goi with another system using webhooks, create a generic E-goi webhook URL and replace the E-goi variables with the corresponding contact info from the other system.

Integrating E-goi with Instapage

Learn how to integrate Instapage with E-goi in just a few easy steps. Subscribers will be added to your E-goi list and entered into your automations.

Integrating E-goi with Magento Adobe Commerce

Integrate your Magento-powered site with E-goi for marketing automation. Sync customers, track behaviors, send transactional messages, and more!

Integrating E-goi with Shopify

Integrate your Shopify-powered ecommerce with E-goi to automate email and SMS marketing. Sync customers, create pop-up forms, track behavior, and more.

Integrating E-goi with WordPress and WooCommerce

Integrate your WordPress site with E-goi for marketing automation using the Smart Marketing plugin. Easily capture contacts, create forms, sync users, and more!

Integrating E-goi with Eventbrite

Easily integrate Eventbrite with E-goi to manage your events. Sync contacts, segment them, and send autoresponders in a snap. Find out how!

What's E-goi's API and where do I find my API key?

E-goi offers hundreds of direct integrations and an API for remote operations. Users can find their API key in the integrations section and should keep it secure. If the key is compromised, users can generate a new one. Programmers can create custom integrations using the E-goi API.

Integrating E-goi with Unbounce

E-goi integrates with Unbounce using a webhook. Follow the steps provided to seamlessly feed sign-ups from Unbounce into E-goi.

Integrating E-goi with OptimizePress

Integrate OptimizePress and E-goi easily with the help of this guide: You can also do it using HTML:

Integrating E-goi with Joomla

Integrate your Joomla-powered website with E-goi to automatically send emails and SMS to subscribers. Download the extension and follow the instructions to sync up your users and start sending multichannel autoresponders.

Integrating E-goi with Facebook or Twitter

To benefit from E-goi's social media features, integrate your E-goi account with your Facebook or Twitter profiles. Follow these steps for Facebook: 1) Go to "Integrations" in your user menu, 2) Connect your Facebook account, and 3) Your account is now connected.

Integrating E-goi with Microsoft Dynamics

- In this article - Introduction - What the integration does (#whatis) - Before you start - Requirements (#requirements) - Step by step - Request the integration (#create) - Frequently asked questions - Licence (#licence) Integrate MS Dynamics 365 with E-goi to automatically nurture customers and leads with email and SMS workflows all along your Dynamics ecosystem. What does the integration do? - Syncs leads and customers i...

Integrating E-goi with Salesforce

Integrate Salesforce with E-goi to automatically send emails, SMS, and push messages. Sync your customers in Salesforce with your E-goi contact list.