Connected Sites. What is it and how do I use it?

The web solutions you can implement on your website using E-goi help capture more leads and recover abandoned carts.

Use Connected Sites to connect E-goi to your website, allowing you to easily activate/deactivate various channels and solutions:

  • Track & Engage to monitor your contacts' interactions with your website.
  • Pop-up forms and Embedded forms to gather collect from your website visitors.
  • Whatsapp Leads to capture contacts before you strike up a conversation.
  • On-site messaging to highlight products on your website. 
  • Web Push Invite to boost subscribers who sign up via this channel and increase your website traffic.




How to setup Connected Sites?

Step 1: Connect it to your website

1) Click on the User menu (top right hand corner) and then on Advanced settings (the first option on the left).

2) Next, click on Connected sites (in the menu on the left). If you've told us your website URL when creating your E-goi account, you should see it here. If you don't, click the Add button.

3) Insert your website URL in the pop-up window and select the contact list you want it to be assigned to. Finish off by clicking on the Add button.

4) Then, you'll see the Tracking Code to be copied and pasted into your website footer.

 Important note:  This code should be placed only once on the site.


Step 2: Activate or deactivate channels

Once you've followed step 1, the web solutions you create will appear in your E-goi Tag Manager and can be easily activated:

Still on the Connected Sites page, find the site where you will manage the channels to:

  • Enable: Find the channel, select the element you want to show on the site and click the + button.
  • Edit: On this page you have quick access to each of the previously created elements. Click the arrow button ︎↗︎, next to the enabled element, then you'll get into to the editing page.
    If you change the triggers, size or position of any element, you must disable and enable them again for the changes to be applied.
  • Disable: Click the x button next to the enabled element.




How do I activate an element only on one page of the site?

You can add this condition in the options of the element itself in the following channels:

  • Pop-up form and On-site messaging: Head the Options, choose the "When viewing a specific URL" trigger and set the page.
  • Embedded form: Just place the shortcode on the page and exact position.




How to validate if the channel is enabled?

Just go to your site :)

Sometimes changes may take a few minutes to become visible (up to 10 minutes in most cases).

If you don't see the channel on your website after waiting a few minutes, try cleaning your cache or logging in with a private browser session.