Integrating E-goi with OpenCart

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You can easily integrate your OpenCart online store with E-goi to send automatic emails and SMS to customers.



What the integration does

Do you run an OpenCart-powered website? You can easily integrate it with E-goi to automatically send emails and SMS to customers.



Before you start



Before we begin, keep in mind that the integration is available for OpenCart versions 2.3 and 3.x. Make sure your online store is running on one of these versions.

Also ensure that:

  • your server meets the minimum requirements for OpenCart (especially PHP version).
  • you have access and writing permission to the main OpenCart folder as well as to the Database.
  • You have SOAP installed and operational in the PHP of your OpenCart.





Download the E-goi extension for OpenCart

1) Download the E-goi extension for OpenCart (compatible with 2.3 and 3.x versions).



Installing via OpenCart's Extension Installer

1) Install E-goi's extension using OpenCart's Extension Installer.

2) If you need to grab your E-goi API key, get it here.

3) Once the installation is done, go to your OpenCart admin, click Extensions and then Modifications. Under the Modifications page, update your modifications and do a cache clean-up, as shown in the image below.



Syncing with E-goi

1) Now just sync up your store's customers with E-goi and you're all set! New customers in your OpenCart shop will be automatically added to your E-goi list, which you can then segment and send multichannel autoresponders to in a snap.



Frequently asked questions


Can I use this integration with any OpenCart version?

The integration is compatible with versions 2.3 and 3.x of OpenCart. Check your store's version before proceeding.


Where can I find my E-goi API Key?

Your API key can be found in E-goi, under Account Settings.


What can I send using multichannel automations?

E-goi allows you to automate campaigns across multiple channels, including email, SMS, web push, social media and more.