Integrating E-goi with Microsoft Dynamics

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Integrate MS Dynamics 365  with E-goi to automatically nurture customers and leads with email and SMS workflows all along your Dynamics ecosystem.



What does the integration do?

  • Syncs leads and customers in your MS Dynamics with E-goi so you can target and engage them using multiple channels
  • Enables transactional messages, allowing you to send out Dynamics one-on-one emails and SMS (eg. invoices and payment notices) straight via E-goi.



Before you start



To initiate the integration of E-goi with MS Dynamics, it is essential that you have an active account on both platforms (plus a licence for MS Dynamics). The integration is tailor-made by us according to the Dynamics solution you run.



Step by step


Request the integration

1) Head over to our MS Dynamics integration page and locate the Contact us button at the bottom of the page.

2) Fill in the contact form with your information and specific details about your integration needs.

3) Once the form is submitted, our team will contact you to proceed with the integration according to your specific needs.

4) After completing the integration, syncing clients and leads between Dynamics and E-goi will be automated. You'll then be able to create and segment multichannel campaigns and customer journeys in E-goi for your Dynamics clients and leads.



Frequently asked questions


Do I need an MS Dynamics licence to use your integration?

Yes. The E-goi integration can only be used in properly licensed Dynamics installations.