Integrating E-goi with Vtex

It's simple integrating your Vtex online store with E-goi and start texting them automatically, aiming to track and increase sales:


1- Go to Goidini - a handy tool we put together to make your integration as smooth as possible.

Hit "Login" (upper right corner) and enter the same login and password you use for your E-goi account.

2- Click "Add" and choose "Vtex", then the integration page will be opened.

3- After that, you should generate your Vtex access keys by following the steps highlighted with a yellow background.

4- Introduce the details in each field and click "Add".

And you are ready to go! :)


Whenever you do a sync from then on, your Vtex customers will be pulled into E-goi, so you can then automatically segment them and send them multichannel autoresponders to in a snap.

Do you need to send more text messages? Just click here and choose the option that suits better for you.