Using a webhook to integrate E-goi with an external service

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A webhook is one of several ways to integrate external services with E-goi, giving you flexibility in the approaches and combinations of tools you can apply to your marketing strategy.



What is a webhook?

Integrating external services with E-goi can enhance your marketing strategy by syncing sign-ups between E-goi and an external service. A webhook is an easy way to accomplish this.



Before you begin



Make sure you have access to your E-goi account and are familiar with the external service you want to integrate. Also, check if this service is among those that already have direct integration via webhooks with E-goi.





Grabbing the webhook from one of the available services

1) Log into your E-goi account, go to the "Contacts" menu, head to the list you want to feed sign-ups to and hit "Options". On the options page, just go to the "Webhooks" section.

2) Choose the external service you want to integrate with E-goi. Click Generate URL and follow the instructions provided to complete the integration.



Generating a webhook for manual integration

1) Create a generic webhook in E-goi without choosing a specific external service (ie, keep the "select a service" option as your choice). Click Generate URL.

2) The webhook URL will follow this format:

E-goi webhook URLhttp://E-goi_domain/wh.php?key=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&first_name=XXXXXX&last_name=XXXXXX&email=XXXXXX&cellphone=XXXXXX


It is comprised of two things. The webhook identifiers:

  • E-goi_domain: Your E-goi account's domain.
  • key: Webhook key

Plus the E-goi variables matching the contact info which the webhook will be adding:

  • first_name: The contact's first name
  • last_name: Their last name
  • email: Email address
  • cellphone: Mobile number

Replace the necessary fields so that they match the variables of the external service. For example, if the system uses "FNAME" for the first name, change it in the webhook URL to: first_name=FNAME.

3) When you're finished, any sign-ups from the external service will be fed to E-goi



Frequently asked questions


Which services can I integrate with E-goi via webhook?

Currently, E-goi integrates with Unbounce, Instapage (we also have a direct integration), Leadsquared, Hubspot, and Pagewiz via webhook. For other services supporting webhook, you can integrate manually using the steps above.