Using a webhook to integrate E-goi with an external service

Log into your E-goi account, go to the "Contacts" menu, head to the list you want to feed sign-ups to and hit "Options". On the options page, just go to the "Webhooks" section.

Then simply select the service you want to integrate with, click "Generate URL" and follow the instructions provided. Done! :)

When you're finished, any sign-ups from the external service you've chosen will be fed to E-goi and be sent any autoresponders you have previously setup in E-goi!


Which services and apps does E-goi already integrate with via webhooks?



I'd like to manually integrate E-goi with another system using your webhook. What should I put in the webhook's URL?

The webhook we generate follows this format:

E-goi webhook URLhttp://E-goi_domain/wh.php?key=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&first_name=XXXXXX&last_name=XXXXXX&email=XXXXXX&cellphone=XXXXXX

It is comprised of two things. The webhook identifiers:

- E-goi_domain: Your E-goi account's domain.
- key: Webhook key

Plus the E-goi variables matching the contact info which the webhook will be adding:
- first_name: The contact's first name
- last_name: Their last name
- email: Email address
- cellphone: Mobile number

Putting this together is quite easy. Let's say the software or system you'd like to integrate with E-goi uses "FNAME" for its contacts' first names. Simply make sure the bit in E-goi's webhook URL for the first name is "first_name=FNAME". Then simply do the same for the other contact info you'd also like to add to E-goi.