Integrating E-goi with OptimizePress

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OptimizePress offers integration with E-goi, allowing page visitors to sign up and receive automated nurture flows.



What the integration does

When visitors subscribe to your live OptimizePress form, they will be added to your E-goi list and trigger any automations you have setup in E-goi.



Requirements to use the integration

  • Any E-goi account.
  • An OptimizePress account.




This integration is available for any E-goi account.

It's free to use, but contacts you synchronize from OptimizePress and sending campaigns (eg. email, SMS) may have their own costs, which depend on your E-goi plan.



Before starting


Your E-goi API key

To complete the integration, OptimizePress will ask you for your E-goi account's API key.






1) Log into your OptimizePress account.

2) The integration is done via OptimizePress. Follow this how-to by OptimizePress.



Frequently Asked Questions


I'm having trouble syncing contacts.

Check that the PHP version of the WordPress server where you have OptimizePress is 5.4 or above. If you can only use a lower version, install the patch mentioned in the OptimizePress integration how-to.