Integrating E-goi with Jumpseller

If you have an online store created with Jumpseller, you may want to integrate it with your E-goi account. Then you'll be ready to optimize your communications.


How to integrate?

1) Enter your Jumpseller online store. In the left side bar hit "Apps" and then "Gallery".

2) Among the Apps available in the right side, pass the mouse over "E-goi Smart Marketing" and click "Install App". Then press "Yes, Authorize".


3) In the next page introduce the API key of your E-goi's account and click "Save apikey".


And that's all! :)



How to sync a list?

Once the integration is activated, you'll be ableto select which E-goi's list you want to use to sync your contacts.

You only can choose one list and it should have extra fields.



How to map contacts?

If the selected list has extra fields, you only need to make the correspondence between the Jumpseller fields and the E-goi's list fields.

You can map all the fields you want and add more by clicking the button .


What if I don't have extra fields?

In that case, you should go to your E-goi's account and add in extra fields in the options of that list.



What other options do I have?

As you may see in the image above, there are three options in the bottom of the page:

1- You can select the option Track & Engage of E-goi and then you'll be able to track your customers' preferences and communicate with them according to that information.

2- If you want to, you can also activate the Double Opt-in confirmation of the contacts synchronised with E-goi. In that case, the contacts will receive an email confirmation and they only become active in your list after their confirmation.

3- Also, you can sync only the customers that previously, within your Jumpseller store, have accepted to receive marketing communications.