Using E-goi's API and Goidini

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E-goi offers you hundreds of direct integrations and an API for remote operations, such as adding contacts or sending out campaigns.



What is the E-goi API?

In addition to hundreds of direct integrations, we've got an API (Application Programming Interface) designed to do things remotely on E-goi (eg. uploading contactssending campaigns, etc.).



What is Goidini?

Goidini is our kind-of-magic tool that helps you set up most E-goi integrations with just a few clicks.

Your Goidini login and password are the same as E-goi's.

Once logged into Goidini, simply choose the integration you need and follow the steps to complete setup.

Virtually all integrations in Goidini will ask you for your API key, which you can easily grab from your account's integration settings.




Before you start


Security and needs

Prior to using the E-goi API, be sure to:

  • Check your integration needs: Consider beforehand what you'll actually be doing via API, be it syncing contacts, triggering email sends or enabling any other E-goi feature.
  • Understand that security is key: Your API key is as sensitive as your password. Keep it safe at all times.
  • Confirm your type of E-goi account: The API key is not available for trial accounts and the free Social One plan.





Locating your API key

1) Log into E-goi, click the upper right-corner menu and hit Integrations.

2) You'll find your API key ready for copying.




Safely handling your API key

Make sure to use your API key only when an integration requires it. Avoid sharing it with others, as anyone who gets it can hijack your account with basic programming skills. Keep it secret, keep it safe - just like your password.



What to do if your API key is stolen

Generate a new key as soon as you can:

1) Head over to your user menu (upper right corner) and click Integrations.

2) Scroll down the integrations page and hit the Regenerate key button.



Frequently asked questions


Is it hard to use your API to whip up an integration?

Not at all. Our API was designed with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind. If you're a developer, check out our API docs, You can integrate E-goi with any system, website, app or software.


Where can I find API integration examples?

Our API docs are your best bet, as they include multiple coding scenarios and use cases.