Integrating E-goi with Unbounce

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E-goi integrates with Unbounce using a webhook. Follow the steps provided to seamlessly feed sign-ups from Unbounce into E-goi.



What the integration does

The integration syncs Unbounce signups with your E-goi contact list, so you can trigger nurturing automation workflows to your Unbounce subscribers.



Before you begin



  • Make sure you have active accounts in both E-goi and Unbounce.
  • You must have user permissions to the "Lists" menu in your E-goi account.



Step by step


Access Webhooks in E-goi

1) Log into your E-goi account

2) Go to the "Lists" menu and head to the list you want to feed sign-ups to.

3) Click "Options" and go to the "Webhooks" section.



Generate the integration URL

1) Under the available services, choose Unbounce.

2) Click on Generate URL to get your link for the integration. Follow the instructions provided to learn where to paste the URL in Unbounce.



Configure the integration in Unbounce

1) Copy the URL you generated in E-goi.

2) Log into your Unbounce account and paste the URL according to our instructions.



Frequently asked questions


What happens if I change the fields in the Unbounce form?

If any field in your Unbounce form is changed, you will also need to update the integration URL in Unbounce with the corresponding changes so that new signups continue to be sent to E-goi.


Will the Unbounce signups be automatically added to my contact list in E-goi?

Yes. Once the integration has been set up, any signups you get via your Unbounce form will be automatically added to the selected contact list in E-goi.


Can I use this integration to trigger automations?

Definitely! Signups added to your E-goi contact list via Unbounce integration will be funneled through the automations you have prepared for that list.