Integrating E-goi with Unbounce

E-goi integrates with Unbounce using a webhook. Don't worry, it's quite simple! Just follow the steps below:

1) Log into your E-goi account, go to the "Lists" menu, head to the list you want to feed sign-ups to and hit "Options". On the options page, just go to the "Webhooks" section.

2) Select "Unbounce" and hit "Generate URL".

3) Copy E-goi's URL and paste it into Unbounce according to the instructions provided by E-goi.


That's all there is to it! When you're finished, any sign-ups from Unbounce will be fed to E-goi and be sent any autoresponders you have previously set up in E-goi!

The only thing to keep in mind is that if you change the name of a form field in Unbounce, you'll have to change it in your E-goi URL in Unbounce as well! Otherwise, sign-ups will stop being fed into E-goi.