Integrating E-goi with PrestaShop

Do you run a PrestaShop-powered website? You can easily integrate it with E-goi to set up your marketing automation strategy and also send notifications by SMS with order statuses:

1) Download the E-goi module for PrestaShop (choose between version 1.7 or 1.6 and earlier). Then login into your PrestaShop admin panel, head over to the "Modules" tab and hit the "Add new module" icon.

2) Select the E-goi module ZIP file you just downloaded and click "Upload this module".

3) PrestaShop will automatically upload and install the E-goi module. Once finished, let's set it up. Simply go to the "Modules" tab and look for "Smart Marketing PrestaShop" under "List of modules" (you'll find it under the "Advertising and marketing" category, with the module being marked as "installed"). Now hit "Configure".

4) Under "Your API key" paste in your E-goi account's API key, hit "Save" and you're all set!

5) The E-goi module is now ready to use! You'll find it under Prestashop's "E-goi" tab. All that's left is syncing up your online store with E-goi. Easy-peasy! If you have no customer mailing list in your E-goi account, let's create it straight from PrestaShop. Go to the "E-goi" tab, select "Lists" and click the "Add new" button. Type in the list name and select its language. Hit "Save" when you're done. Now head over to the "Subscribers" tab and enable "Automatic synchronization".

Terrific! From then on, any new customer in your PrestaShop store will be automatically added to your E-goi list, which you can then segment and send autoresponders or cart recovery campaigns to in a snap :)