Integrating E-goi with Salesforce

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Integrate Salesforce with E-goi to automatically nurture customers with email, SMS, and push workflows all along your Salesforce ecosystem.



What does the integration do?

The world of sales and marketing is becoming increasingly integrated. For companies that use Salesforce as their contact and lead management base, integration with E-goi offers a powerful and effective solution. By automating contact synchronization and effortlessly creating multichannel campaigns, this integration is essential to optimize your time and increase your business opportunities.



Before you start



To initiate the integration of E-goi with Salesforce, it is essential that you have an active account on both platforms. The integration is completely tailor-made by us according to your requirements, goals, and the Salesforce solution you use.



Step by step


Request the integration

1) Head over to our Salesforcen integration page and locate the Contact us button at the bottom of the page.

2) Fill out the contact form with your information and specific details about your integration needs.

3) Once the form is submitted, our team will contact you to proceed with the integration according to your specific needs.

4) After completing the integration, syncing clients and leads between Salesforce and E-goi will be automated. You'll then be able to create and segment multichannel campaigns and customer journeys in Salesforce (email, SMS, push) directly from E-goi.



Frequently asked questions


Will your integration be tailor-made to my Salesforce solution?

Yes. It'll be customised and completely bespoke, including your Salesforce product, its modules, and your business goals. Talk to us on the integration page.

Our team will collaborate with you to understand your needs and ensure the integration meets your goals and business process.


Will the integration affect the performance of my current Salesforce?

The integration will be optimized to ensure efficiency among the Salesforce products you use, avoiding any negative impact.