Integrating E-goi with JivoChat

Already using JivoChat to monitor and chat to your customers through your website, via email or on social media?

Then why not consider connecting it to E-goi, so that you can synchronise the contacts you've already collected? :)



Why integrate E-goi with JivoChat?

Connect with E-goi while you manage communications with your customers in real time to:
- Synchronise and save people's data in E-goi and then segment it.
- Send campaigns.
- And even set up autoresponders.



How do I connect them?

You should essentially follow 3 steps for each communication channel you use in JivoChat.


Step 1: Add a communication channel in JivoChat

You'll need to integrate each channel you use in JivoChat separately.

Haven't installed any channel yet? Start here.

It's important to note that only JivoChat Pro accounts allow for integrations.


Step 2: Generate a webhook in E-goi and activate it in JivoChat

1- Go to Goidini, a handy tool we put together to make your integration as smooth as possible.

Hit the Login button in the upper right-hand corner and enter the same login and password you use for your E-goi account.

2- Click on the Create button and then select JivoChat to go to the integration page.

3- Copy the Webhook code.


4- Log into your JivoChat account and select the Channel Settings you want to integrate.

Follow this path: Manage >> Channels, scroll down to Live chat and hit Connect.

Scroll down to Integration settings for developers. Then activate the Webhook and enter the code.


Step 3: Configure E-goi synchronisation

Go back to E-goi and hit Start.

Now you can configure the integration by choosing a name, the list you want to add the new contacts to, and the tag assigned.

Finish by hitting Save.


You can use the same Webhook for more than one JivoChat channel, which will mean all your new contacts are saved to the list configured to that specific Webhook.

If you want each JivoChat channel to link to its own list and have its own tag, you'll have to generate new Webhooks for each one and link them individually.



Want to edit your integration settings?

It's easy!

Log into Goidini the same login and password you use for your E-goi account.

You can also get there by clicking on Integrations in the menu in the upper right corner of your account. Then scroll down to the bottom of that page, and when you reach More Integrations, click on See All .

See the JivoChat bar? Just click on the arrow on the right to edit your options :)