Creating an automation


Automations are perfect to nurture your customers or subscribers. You can go as wild or as mild as you need - from a no-frills email series all the way up to a complete sales pipeline! In this example, we'll create a simple autoresponder doling out a welcome message to your new contacts:

1) Go to the Engage menu, then head over to Automations and hit Create.

2) Choose the contact list the automation will be triggered on. Select our Welcome series template and click Next.

3) You'll be taken to the automation editor. It's already set to trigger on subscription (which is why you'll see the welcome email connected to the Subscription trigger). This means everyone who subscribes (say, using a sign-up form) will receive your welcome email! If you'd like to customise it, just click the email's three dots, choose Edit and click the Edit button to modify it to your heart's content it using our Email Builder.

4) Need to add extra email messages to build a follow-up sequence (eg. sending a second email a day later)? Easy-peasy! Go the automation editor's left-hand panel. Under Conditions and sequences, drag the Wait action into your workflow and drop it over the welcome email to connect them. Set it to wait for 1 day and save it.

5) Now drag the Send campaign action (under Messages) from the same left-hand panel and drop it over the Wait action you've just added. They'll connect to each other! Choose the type of message you want to send as a follow-up (email, SMS, voice call, etc.). You can create it from scratch or choose an already-existing one. Save your changes when you're done.


Great! Your first automation is just about ready! To enable it, click the button on the upper left corner to switch it on or off. From then on, it'll be triggered every time someone subscribes to your contact list.


What other triggers and actions can I use?

Lots! Check out the full list!