Campaign Planner. What is it and how to use it?

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Planner helps you plan, create, and track your entire marketing effort in E-goi (e.g., Black Friday sales) based on your goals, campaigns and success metrics. 



What is Planner?

It's a feature of E-goi capable of quickly preparing the main elements of a marketing action (campaigns, signup pages, forms) and tracking their effectiveness.

It greatly simplifies the ideation and execution of strategies, as the Planner not only suggests and creates campaigns and actions but also analyzes them over time according to the metrics you prefer. 

Example: Black Friday is coming up. In Planner, choose the Sell a product goal and the Black Friday context. Planner will suggest (and can automatically create) email and SMS campaigns with Black Friday content plus a set of metrics (opens, clicks, etc.) to gauge your results.



Requirements to use Planner

  • An E-goi account with a plan.




Planner is available in all E-goi plans.

Usage is free, but sending each campaign created within Planner (e.g., email, SMS) may have its own costs, depending on your E-goi plan.



Before you start


Usage scenarios

Planner is great for:

  • Seasonal campaigns: Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine's, etc. Planner includes ready-made email and SMS campaigns for these.
  • Once-in-a-while campaigns: Product launches, event announcements, special promos, etc. Planner will suggest campaigns based on these contexts.





Creating your planner

1) Click the Engage menu and then Campaigns (left-hand side of the menu).

2) On that page, open the Planner tab and click on Create Planner.

3) Choose your Goal (e.g., Sales promo) and its Context (e.g., Black Friday). Then select the contact list which will be fed by the campaigns Planner suggests.

4) Provide your Planner with a title and choose the start and end dates of your marketing effort..

5) Planner will suggest a set of metrics you should use to gauge your overall results and per-campaign results (signup page, email campaign, SMS, etc.). You can freely modify the suggestions. When everything is ready, click on Save.

6) Planner will create the campaigns and items of your marketing effort. Edit each one to customize them according to your strategy.



Tracking your results

To the right of each Planner you'll find the Reports button. Click on it to see your overall or per-campaign metrics.



Frequently Asked Questions


Can I edit my Planner after it's been created?

Yes. At any time, you can edit your Planner by selecting Edit in the menu to the right of each Planner you created.


Do the campaigns and signup pages generated by Planner include ready-made content?

Yes, but you'll always need to edit and customize it. Planner generates campaigns with example copy based on the context you chose, which should only be seen as a rought draf for your final copy.

Example: You chose the "Christmas" context for your Planner. Campaigns created will have generic Xmas-promo copy. You should edit each one and customize it according to your specific promo.