Campaign Planner. What is it and how to use it?

The Planner is an advanced way to group your campaigns, pages and forms, allowing you to track how they're doing, overall and individually, based on metrics you've set previously.



What would be a good case to use the Planner?

Picture this:

Next semester is set to bring 3 key events perfect for your communications: summer season, back to school and Christmas.

For each event, you have a set of business goals you're aiming towards.

To do so, use your Planner to create an action plan of how to reach your audience through various channels.

The Planner will help you implement your plan, allowing you to group elements from different channels and monitor how effective each element is according to the goals you established from the offset.


Here's another scenario:

Last year you invested heavily in Black Friday campaigns, promoting products and special offers using a range of campaigns and channels.

To make things easier, you can create a Planner to group all these campaigns together so that you can measure the overall and individual results of the entire set.


These are just two examples you can either replicate or adapt to suit your specific needs :)



How do to create a Planner?

Follow these steps:

1) Hit Engage on the main menu and then Campaigns (on the left side of the menu).

2) Once you're there, open the Planner tab and click on Create Planner.


3) You'll see a pop-up window where you can create your Planner:

  • Description of the Planner: Give it a name and time period so you know what it's about.
  • Campaign Planner Goal: Set your performance metrics. If you're setting your Planner up to run a lead generation strategy through an eBook, for example, you'll probably want to track visitors and sign-ups.
  • Planner Elements: Choose the communications you want to group together.
    You can choose per channel, but you must have set up all the elements you want to use in your account beforehand.
    Let's keep going with the lead generation strategy example - you could set up a sign-up page, share it on social media, send an email out to spread the word on a course related to the eBook and then even send out a Smart SMS reminder to make sure you've caught everyone's attention.

If you're not quite ready yet, you can come back to it later. You can Edit your Planner at any time. Just choose the Edit option from the menu  on the right :)

All set? Then hit Save.



Where can be tracked the results of the Planner?

You'll have access to the Report button on the right-hand side of each Planner.

Click on it to check whether you're hitting the goals you set and view your results by campaign.