Campaign calendar. What is it and how does it work?

There's a handly all-in-one Campaign calendar that you can view and manage by accessing the Campaigns list of your E-goi account.
Basically it's an overview of your communication activity and it can also be your communication agenda:

Find important and festive days that you can use as themes of your social post campaigns:

  • Special days automatically added by E-goi, such as "International Youth Day".
  • Ideas that you can add as a special day, such as "CEO Birthday", "Christmas Promo".

View your campaigns organised by date:

  • Find your sent, scheduled and canceled campaigns. 
  • Grab their report and weblink. 
  • Do quick actions: clone and delete.



How can I add an idea to my own calendar?

Just following these quick steps :)

1) Hit the Engage menu and click Campaigns (on the left-sided menu), then select the Campaign Calendar tab.

2) Then click the  button that you'll find just above the calendar.

3) Fill in the details: its name and description, a link for future inspiration (if you have one), a date and its recurrence (if you want this idea to be recurring). 

Done! You can create a social post based on that idea :)



How can I check the details of my ideas and campaigns?

Two clicks to get there!

1) Hit the day where your idea or campaign is.

2) Then you'll see a dropdown list showing their details. From there, you'll be able to do quick actions as well, just find the options in the right side of each line :)