Sending an automatic birthday message to my contacts

How about sending your contacts a special offer on their birthday? E-goi can do it for you! Just make sure the contact database you import into E-goi has a Birthday date field containing a valid date (check out the multiple date formats we support).


How to automate this sending?

You'll find a Birthday Automated Workflow in E-goi, ready to use ;)

1) Go to the Campaigns menu and click Create. Select Automations and choose the Mailing List.

2) Then select the Birthday workflow: Click Nurturing, select Birthday and hit Next.

3) And you're almost done. Just enable it or tweak it according to your needs.



I have created an automated birthday campaign. Where can I find it?

They're all in the Campaign Automations area:

1) Go to the Campaigns menu and click Automation.

2) Then apply the Automations filter, using the options on the left side.

3) And... that's all ;) You'll see here all your automations, just find the birthday workflows using the search bar.