Sending an automatic birthday message to my contacts

How about sending your contacts a special offer on their birthday? E-goi can do it for you! Just make sure the contact database you import into E-goi has a "Birthday date" field containing a valid date (check out the multiple date formats we support).

To set up your automatic message, follow the steps below:

1) Create a standard email campaign. and be sure its type is "Birthday / Special date". Choose to create it from scratch or off one of our templates (go for one of our birthday designs). When deploying it, you'll see E-goi has already set it up to be sent annually on each contact's birthday. You can change the send time or even the actual day (eg. trigger it 2 days before).

2) Now simply deploy the campaign. It will be marked as "date-based" on your automatic campaign listing, with E-goi auto-triggering it whenever a contact celebrates their birthday.


Can I automate the whole thing using an Autobot?

Yep! We've got an automated sequence template to help you out. Simply create an Autobot, pick the "Birthday" template and customise it to your liking.