Adding a sender

A sender is the answer to the perennial question "Who sent me this?" ;-)

Say you use E-goi to send an email to a list of people; they'll look at the email's "From:" field to know where it came from. That's known as the "sender".

E-goi allows you to create both email senders (for sending email) and mobile/phone senders (for SMS, Smart SMS and voice broadcasts). It's all quite simple:

1- Head over to your user menu (upper right corner) and select Senders.

2- The sender listing will come up. On the left-hand side of the page, choose the type of sender you'll be adding (email, mobile or phone) and click the Add button.


If this is an email sender

Enter the name (ie., the name of the person or company the email will be sent from) plus the actual email address (eg. and then click Add. E-goi will email a confirmation message to that address. The message contains a link which you just need to click on to confirm the sender :-)


If this is an SMS sender

Would you like to text people from a number (say, your customer support number)? Or would you rather your customers see your brand or company name when you text them? If your sender is a mobile number, E-goi will text a confirmation code to it. When you receive it, just go back to E-goi, click the options button alongside the sender (right-hand side of the page) and hit Confirm. Type in the code you see in the SMS and click Confirm again. Done, your sender is all set!

If the sender is your brand or company name, E-goi will ask you to provide a scanned legal document which we can use to confirm that the name actually belongs to your company (or that you got permission to use it). A PDF with your trademark registration is usually all we need.


If this a voice call sender

Voice call broadcasts are sent from a phone number. This means E-goi will ask you to enter the number you want to use as sender together with a document ensuring you own the number (such as PDF of the number's latest phone bill).


I confirmed my email sender, but E-goi tells me I should also authenticate it. How to go about it?

Authenticating your sender is an essential step to improve your email deliverability. Just follow this how-to!


E-goi tells me I shouldn't use my personal email address (eg. Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) as a sender. What are my options?

Freemail addresses were never meant for email marketing! Check out why and what you can do.


If I use my company name as an SMS sender, will people be able to reply to my texts?

Yes, but only if you add your contact number as part of the text itself. Conversely, if you use a mobile number as sender, people can call you or text you back straight away :-)


I'll be texting people outside the UK. Can I use my company name as an SMS sender?

Most network operators support SMS sender names just fine, but in some countries your company name may be replaced with an operator's fixed number. To be sure you're on the safe side, drop us a line using the Help menu.


How do I replace a sender in E-goi?

Simply pull up your sender options and choose Replace. The new sender you select will replace the old sender across any automatic or unpublished campaigns (including those in your automations).