How does my E-goi trial work?

After creating your E-goi account, you've got 30 days to trial it out. At any time you can upgrade to a full-featured paid account.



Where can I see how long until my trial ends?

Simply glance at the banner at the top of your E-goi account.




What can I do in my trial?

Your 30-day trial grants access to most E-goi features. You're able to send out:
- 250 emails
- 10 SMS or SmartSMS messages
- 5 voice broadcasts
- 250 web push messages
- 250 push messages
- 250 transactional emails
- 10 transactional SMS

And you can also create:
- 2 contact lists (with a maximum of 100 contacts for both)
- 3 forms
- 1 automation
- 4 senders
- 3 open tickets (our support folks should get back to you in 2-3 days - usually much earlier)



What happens when my trial ends?

Your account will be suspended for 90 days and then deleted, so be sure to sign up for a plan if you intend to keep using E-goi :)