Payments and Billing

Buying message packs

Packs are available for purchase under Plans and top-ups. They are valid for 3 months and can be used for SMS sends. Custom packs are available for Corporate plans.

What's the free Social One plan and where do I sign up?

Get started with E-goi's free Social One plan and access features like scheduled social media posts, email campaigns, and web push notifications. Sign up now!

E-goi Pricing

Starting from February 8, 2024, E-goi will have a new price list for their plans, taking into account inflation and their continuous development. Some currencies will be sunsetted and exchange rates may affect the amount to pay. Existing paid plans will only be affected upon renewal. Customers can change to longer frequencies to maintain their current price. There are discounts for semi-annual, annual, and bi-annual payments, and renewing before the price change can save up to 45% of the monthly...

Where can I see a cost report for all my sends?

To view the cost breakdown of your emails, go to "Payments" in your user menu, click on "Cost report" and customize the view by date, contact list, or campaign. If you have sent other types of campaigns, use the sidebar to view their report. If your email cost is zero, it's because you are on a per-contact plan. If you need data before March 1, 2018, export the file from the "Payments" page.

I'm using an old E-goi Plan. What should I do now?

E-goi has grown and now offers more features and user-friendly options. They have new plans tailored to different needs. Existing customers can continue using their old plans or switch to a new one. To switch, simply upgrade or downgrade your account and choose a new plan.

What happened to the free 5001 plan?

E-goi has discontinued its free plan, but now offers a 30-day free trial of all its features or a free plan called Social One for digital marketing. Paid plans offer even more perks like email templates, automation, and dedicated support.

I've just signed up for an E-goi paid service. When can I use it?

You can typically start using it immediately, but the timing depends on your chosen payment method. Credit card or Paypal can take up to 24 hours.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

If you're unhappy with E-goi within 30 days of your first purchase, you can get a refund. First-time pay-as-you-go customers are also eligible.

Signing up for a plan or topping up my account

To upgrade your E-goi account, click the Upgrade button, choose a plan, customize it, and proceed with payment. To cancel your plan, go to Plans and top-ups and click Cancel plan.

Redeeming an E-goi voucher

Got an E-goi voucher? Use it by selecting your plan, entering the code, and continuing with the sign-up process as usual.

How do I cancel my E-goi plan or update the credit card I'm using?

You have two options to cancel or update your E-goi plan: go to the Plans and Top-ups page or the Account Balance page. Follow the steps provided for each option.

Viewing the invoice of an E-goi service I purchased

When purchasing from us, we'll email you the invoice. All invoices are stored in your E-goi account in PDF format. You can also send invoices to others.

What's E-goi's tax/VAT number?

For bookkeeping purposes, you can use the following billing information: Company name: E-goi, Lda Address: Av. Menéres, 834, 4450-190 Matosinhos, Portugal Tax/VAT number: PT 514727420