Creating a voice broadcast

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Voice broadcasts, also known as "voice calls," allow you to make automated calls that play a previously recorded audio, providing a unique experience to your contacts.



What is a voice broadcast?

Voice broadcasts are automated phone calls which play a pre-recorded message. Your contacts will hear the message when they answer the call.

Voice broadcasts come in very handy for political campaigns, donor thank-yous or as a cool way to increase attendance for big events, concerts and star-studded games.

Example: A band will be performing soon. The lead singer records a voice message inviting fans to be there and bring their friends along. E-goi sends it out as a voice broadcast, which fans receive as a standard phone call. When picking it up, they'll hear the singer's message.



Requirements to send

  • An E-goi account with a plan that includes sending voice broadcasts.
  • A contact list with mobile or phone numbers, already imported into E-goi.
  • sender for your voice broadcast, validated in E-goi.




Each voice broadcast has a cost, which depends on the features of your E-goi plan.

For E-goi accounts with Base or Pro plans

  • Add a voice extra to your plan. The duration of the broadcasts you send will be deducted from the minutes included in the extra. E-goi has two types of voice extras: one for broadcasts to mobile numbers and another for broadcasts made to phone numbers. Choose the extra that best suits how your contacts will receive the broadcast. 

For E-goi accounts with the GoSend plan

  • Top up your account with enough funds to cover the broadcasts you'll be sending. Each send will be deducted from your funds.
The cost for unsent broadcasts due to invalid mobile or phone numbers will be refunded to your account. The cost for unanswered calls will also be refunded.



Before sending


Use cases

Voice broadcasts are ideal for:

  • Political campaigns for a more personal communication with voters.
  • Invitations to events and concerts, providing a unique and creative approach.
  • Encouraging participation in surveys or community events.




The sender identifies who sends the voice broadcast. It can be

  • A mobile number: You can choose any number you want. E-goi will send an SMS to that number with a code. Once you enter the code in E-goi, the number is ready to use as sender.
  • A telephone number: You will need to provide us with a digital document proving that you own that number.



Audio format

The audio can be in one of these formats:

  • WAV
  • MP3

You should go for a high-quality voice recording, as phone lines were designed with speech in mind.

  • Record your audio at 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz (WAV). If possible, use a professional microphone or a recording studio.
  • Avoid any kind of music - phone audio compression will make it sound awful.
  • Record an 8 kHz mono version of your audio source and listen to it (you can also upload the source into E-goi and send yourself a delivery test). This is how it'll sound to people when they get your call.
  • Try not to exceed 30 seconds in length (more than 15 seconds and people might just hang up on you).





Creating the voice broadcast

1) Hit the "Engage" menu, hover the mouse pointer over "Voice", and click "Create"

2) Choose the contact list you'd like to send your call to, select the campaign type and click "Next".

3) Then hit "From scratch" or choose a "Template" of your own.

4) Give a name to your campaign (don't worry, it won't be shown to your contacts) and click "Next".

5) The voice message editor will appear. Choose the message sender (if you don't have one yet, you can click the "+" button to add it).

6) Import the audio you recorded. To test the message, click Test delivery.

7) When everything is as you want, click Next and follow the steps to send the campaign.



Viewing the campaign report

1) Click on the Engage menu, go to Voice and click on View all.

2) Click on the Campaign report you want to check out.



Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if a contact doesn't answer the call?

E-goi will make about 2-3 retries a couple seconds later until giving up.