Creating a voice broadcast

Voice broadcasts are automated phone calls which play a pre-recorded message. They come in very handy for political campaigns, donor thank-yous or as a cool way to increase attendance for big events, concerts and star-studded games.

Creating a voice broadcast in E-goi is pretty simple:

1) Go to the "Campaigns" menu, select "Create" and choose the mailing list you'd like to send your call to.

2) A page asking you which channel you want to use to send out the campaign will come up. Select "Voice" and then hit "From scratch".

3) You'll then be taken to the voice call editing page. The first thing you should do is name your campaign (don't worry, it won't be shown to your contacts).

4) Now set your sender. This is the number that will be displayed on your contacts' phone letting them know who's calling. If you haven't added a sender yet, just follow this how-to.

5) Then upload your audio file (WAV or MP3 format). This is what your contacts will listen to when picking up the call - it can be anything really, but you should go for a high-quality voice recording, as phone lines were designed with speech in mind. Avoid any kind of music (phone audio compression will make it sound awful) and try not to exceed 60 seconds in length (more than 30 seconds and people might just hang up on you).

And that's basically it! To test your call, click on "Test delivery", enter the phone/mobile number you want to use for testing and hit "Send". Good to go? Then just send the campaign out to your contacts using the "Deploy/send" button.