Adding contacts


Your contacts are anyone you'll be sending messages to using E-goi. We tried to make adding contacts as effortless as possible.

Start by heading over to the "Contacts" menu and click "Contacts" of the list you want to add your contacts to. The contacts page will come up. Hit the "Add/Update" button and choose from one of the options below:

Add manually

Just fill in the contact's profile and save it. E-goi will then let you add another one. Great to enter a handful of contacts quickly!


Copy and paste

Got a list of email addresses you need to import in a snap? Are they in a TXT file (one per line)? Then simply use this option to copy the whole thing off your file and paste it into E-goi in one fell swoop!



If you 've got an Excel or CSV file with your full contact information (name, email, etc.), you can easily import it into E-goi.


Any other ways I can add contacts to E-goi?

Yep. Just embed an opt-in form in your site. We also integrate with hundreds of external apps and services! One of them is sure to be right up your alley.