Creating a social post campaign

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Creating a social post is easy! You can start from scratch or from an idea or special day.


What is a social post?

E-goi offers a practical feature to create social post campaigns, making communication with your followers easier on various digital platforms.

You can start a campaign from scratch or be inspired by special days and pre-configured ideas for your posts. Additionally, you can integrate content from your blog or website using RSS feeds for automated publication on social media.



Before getting started



  • Make sure you have a Business account on Instagram if you intend to publish on this platform, and that it is properly linked to a Facebook page.
  • Ensure that your E-goi account is integrated with the social networks where you want to publish.
  • Check the image and video formats supported by different social platforms to ensure that your content will be displayed correctly.



Step by step


Connect E-goi to social networks

1) Click on the top right menu and then on Integrations. You will see a page with E-goi's main integrations.


Connecting to Facebook

On the integrations page, locate Facebook, click on the arrow on the right and then on Connect to a Facebook account, log into your Facebook account (if necessary) and authorize the integration.

Important! To integrate with E-goi, your Facebook account must have the role of Administrator with full access to the pages or a role with permission to publish on pages.


Connecting to X (formerly Twitter)

On the integrations page, locate X, click on the arrow on the right and then on Connect to an X account, log into your X account (if necessary) and authorize the integration.


Connecting to Instagram

Once the above conditions are met, follow the same steps to connect E-goi to Facebook.


Connecting to LinkedIn

On the integrations page, locate LinkedIn, click on the arrow on the right and then on Connect to a LinkedIn account, log into your LinkedIn account (if necessary) and authorize the integration.


Connecting to Google My Business

On the integrations page, locate Google, click on the arrow to the right, and then click on Connect to a Google account. Log into your Google account associated with My Business (if necessary) and authorize the integration.



Creating a social post from scratch

1) Head over the Engage menu, hover the mouse pointer over Social Post, and hit Create.

2) Select Broadcast and click Next.

3) Choose how to create your post - From Scratch.

4) Then edit it and publish it.



Create a social post inspired by a special day or idea

1) Hit the Engage menu, click Campaigns (on the left-sided menu) and hit the Campaign calendar tab.

2) Find the special day for your post and click this button .

3) Then edit it and publish your post.



Editing and publishing the social post

Once in the edition page, just complete all the details of your social post.

1) The post title: This is an internal title, just for your own reference.

2) The social networks: Select either one or all of them (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google My Business). 

3) Your business page or profile: Choose where do you want to share your post. If you don't have your business page or profile integrated with your E-goi account, you can do it either in this step or through the integrations page.

4) The posting date: If you've started from a special day or idea, just define the publishing time.

5) The content of your post: The content added in this step will be shared on all the social networks that you've selected before but don't worry, you can customise it for each one in the next step :)

6) Different content for each social network (optional): You can now personalise the content of your post according to each social network: the post length, being formal versus being casual, using different images or emojis. Just select the social network where the content will be different and enable the option to make some changes.

7) Almost ready! Once you've finished, click Next. Then confirm your post options and their content before publishing it. Finish by clicking Send campaign.  




Viewing the social post report

1) Head over to the Engage menu, go to Social post and hit View all.

2) Cliick Report for the social post you sent out.

3) You'll see the results breakdown for the social networks the post was published on.




Changing the account of a social network connected to E-goi

1) Click on the menu in the top right corner and then on Integrations. Then click on the arrow to the right and then on Disconnect for the social network you want to disable the integration for.

2) Go to your account on that social network and sign out.

3) Go back to the Integrations page of E-goi, restart the integration for that social network, and sign in with the new account you want to connect with. Authorise E-goi's permissions and complete the  integration.



Automatically publish RSS content on social media

Got an RSS feed for your website or blog? You can have E-goi plug it automatically in your social posts and deliver it straight to your followers' social media feeds on a schedule!

1) Head over the Engage menu, hover the mouse pointer over Social Post, and hit Create.

2) Then click RSS and Next.

3) Create your RSS-based social post:

  • Choose the post title: This is an internal title, just for your own reference.
  • Type your RSS feed address: You can also just type the site the RSS feed is hosted at. Either way, remember to start with "https://".
  • Choose the social network to share it: Select either one or all of them (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google My Business). If you don't have your business page or profile integrated with your E-goi account, you can do it either in this step or through the integrations page.
  • Edit the content of your post: The post automatically includes the RSS code to pull the content of your feed, but you can customise the post by using our RSS language or adding hashtags, for example.

4) Once it's finished, click Next.

5) Define your publish options:
Every time the RSS has a new post or Periodically (how often, which day and time). Then click Next.

6) Confirm your post and hit Activate.


Subsequently editing your RSS-based social post

1) Head over the Campaigns menu and click Automation.

2) Select RSS, among the left-handed options.

3) Go to the search bar and apply a filter by channel, choosing Social Post.

4) Then find the campaign and edit it as you like



Frequently Asked Questions


My Facebook does not connect with E-goi

Usually restarting the connection is enough:

1) Click on the menu in the upper right corner and then on Integrations. If Facebook is Connected, click on the arrow to the right and then on Disconnect to disable the integration.

2) Go to your Facebook account, go to its settings and delete the E-goi app.

3) Go back to the E-goi Integrations page, restart the Facebook integration, and make sure you authorize what the app asks for.


What kind of content does a social post support?

In addition to text, links, and emojis, it's also possible to include images and videos.



You can add an image or an image carousel by simply clicking on the "upload image" icon each time you want to add another one.

Each social media platform has its own limit:

  • Facebook: up to 10 images.
  • Instagram: up to 10 images.
  • Twitter: up to 4 images.
  • LinkedIn: up to 9 images.
  • Google My Business: 1 image.



You can add a video up to 30 seconds long and less than 35 MB in size in MP4 or MOV format with a maximum resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.

Posts also accept GIF format to display animated images, except for Instagram, which doesn't support this format.


My post wasn't published on the social network I chose

When sending out a social campaign using E-goi, it'll be actually be posted by the social network you've selected (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). If something wrong happens with it (eg. Facebook is down), E-goi will tell you your post couldn't be published.

If so, try to:

  • Send the campaign again. Social network downtime usually lasts a couple minutes.
  • Reconnect your E-goi account to the social network you'll be posting to. Even though the connection seems on, something may have happened to the network which requires reconnecting.
  • Avoid sending the same or similar posts in a row. Social networks have rules in place to prevent duped or sketchy (ie, virtually identical) posts. You may also be blocked if sending out too many posts in a very short timeframe.
  • Be sure there's no abusive content. Each network has their own rules on this. Check that your post abides by the community standards of all social networks and doesn't breach any copyright. Oh, and make sure your social account wasn't suspended for inappropriate behaviour!