Creating a social post campaign

This is pretty simple and you have two starting points:

- From scratch.

- From an idea or a special day.


Creating a social post from scratch

1) Head over the Engage menu, hover the mouse pointer over Social Post, and hit Create.

2) Select Broadcast and click Next.

3) Choose how to create your post - From Scratch.

4) Then edit it and publish it.


Creating a social post from an idea or a special day

1) Hit the Engage menu, click Campaigns (on the left-sided menu) and hit the Campaign calendar tab.

2) Find the special day for your post and click this button .

3) Then edit it and publish it.



How can I edit my social post?

Once you land into the edition page, just complete all the details of your social post :)

1) The post title: This is an internal title, just for your own reference.

2) The social networks: Select either one or all of them (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google My Business). 

3) Your business page or profile: Choose where do you want to share your post. If you don't have your business page or profile integrated with your E-goi account, you can do it either in this step or through the integrations page.

4) The posting date: If you've started from a special day or idea, just define the publishing time.

5) The content of your post: The content added in this step will be shared on all the social networks that you've selected before but don't worry, you can customise it for each one in the next step :)

6) Different content for each social network (optional): You can now personalise the content of your post according to each social network: the post length, being formal versus being casual, using different images or emojis.
Just select the social network where the content will be different and enable the option to make some changes.

7) Almost ready! Once you've finished, click Next. Then confirm your post options and their content before publishing it. Finish by clicking Send campaign.  


And that's all! Ready to engage your followers ; )



What type of content do social posts support?

In addition to text, links, and emojis, it's also possible to include images and videos.



You can add an image or an image carousel by simply clicking on the "upload image" icon each time you want to add another one.

Each social media platform has its own limit:

  • Facebook: up to 10 images.
  • Instagram: up to 10 images.
  • Twitter: up to 4 images.
  • LinkedIn: up to 9 images.
  • Google My Business: 1 image.



You can add a video that is at least 30 seconds long and has a maximum size of 35MB. Additionally, the video format must be MP4 or MOV.

Posts also accept GIF format to display animated images, except for Instagram, which doesn't support this format.