Creating an email campaign


It's really quite simple:

1) Hit the "Engage" menu, hover the mouse pointer over "Email", and hit "Create".

2) Choose the mailing list you'll be sending your campaign to. Then select the campaign type you'd like to send and click "Next".

3) Select the "Email" channel and you'll be shown a couple different ways to create your campaign. You can design it from ground up, go for one of our ready-made customisable templates (check out the video how-to above!) or upload a newsletter of your own. Simply click the option that suits you best and follow the steps provided.

And that's basically all there is to it! Once you've got your campaign ready for sending (make sure to follow our deliverability guide before you do), you can then get it out the door to your mailing list. If you've got a file with all your contacts, we make it easy for you to import it into E-goi.

You can also use your campaign as part of a follow-up series automatically triggered to anyone signing up for your mailings.

Want to learn more about E-goi campaigns the quick, no-frills way? Just take our free online course!