How do I get support?

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If you have any questions while using E-goi, we offer support via how-tos, help tickets and live chat.



Support in E-goi

If you need help while using E-goi, we offer multiple ways to assist you. There's obviously a difference in support availability and priority between free and paid E-goi accounts, but help will always be at hand.

We also have a Community, where E-goi users share new feature ideas and improvements. Top-voted suggestions will be given priority in our development roadmap.



Before you start


What you should know

  • All E-goi users have access to a Help widget in their account, which provides how-to suggestions and full access to our knowledge base.
  • Personalized technical support (via email, chat, and phone), as well as 1-on-1 Strategy Coaching, are only available on paid plans.





Opening a support ticket

1) Click on the Help widget in your E-goi account, which always appears in the bottom right corner of any page.

2) Enter your question to get how-to suggestions. If none of those answers your question, you can open a ticket to drop us a line.

3) When opening a ticket, clearly describe the issue. If it's something better seen than told, take a screenshot (you can attach it to your message when creating your ticket).



Replying to our support emails

1) After analysing your ticket, we will reply to you by email.

2) Sometimes, when looking into the email campaign you've sent out using E-goi, we may ask you to forward us the actual campaign email you received. We'll be needing the email's full headers - you can send us those over by forwarding the email as an attachment or, if you use Gmail or similar, copying the email's full headers.



Allowing remote access

1) In some special cases, we may need to join you in watching what's actually happening on your computer, so we can pinpoint any issues and fix them right there and then. Simply install this extension on your Chrome browser, enable the "Sharing" option and provide us the code shown.



Taking part in the E-goi Community

1) Log in to your E-goi account and click on the Help widget in the top left corner of any page (the same button you click when you need help).

2) Click on Community.

3) Post your idea, comments or vote on new E-goi features and improvements.



Frequently asked questions


Do all E-goi accounts have support?

All accounts have access to how-to suggestion, our knowledge base and videos. Personalized technical support is only available for paid plans.


I have a paid plan and a technical question. Should I call support?

For technical questions, you're always better off opening a ticket, as we need time and detailed info to look into it.


What information should I include in my tickets?

Clearly tell us what's happening and include screenshots if necessary.


How do I take part in the E-goi Community?

Access the Community from the same Help widget you use to get support. Click the Help widget and then click Community.