How do I get support?

If you'd like some help while using E-goi, just hit the "Help" menu and type in your question :)

E-goi will show you a couple of related how-tos. If none of those answers your question, simply click "Contact support" to drop us a line.

All messages between you and us will be stored in your "My tickets" section, available under the upper right corner menu.


Do all E-goi accounts include live tech support?

Every account gets automated support (how-to suggestions) plus full access to our knowledge base and online training course.

Live tech support is usually only available for paid E-goi accounts. Still, if you really, really need to get in touch with us, you can always use our site's contact form or message us on Facebook or Twitter.

What info should I include when contacting support?

Just briefly tell us what's happening. If it's something better seen than told, take a screenshot (you can attach it to your message when contacting us via the "Help" menu). Keep in mind although we're available by phone for billing and general stuff, you're always better off using your account's "Help" menu for tech questions, as we need time to dig further into those.


How do I attach an email message to my reply?

Sometimes we may ask you to forward us the actual email message which E-goi sent to you or your contacts. Don't just forward it to us though! We'll be needing the email's full headers - you can send us those over by forwarding the email as an attachment or, if you use Gmail or similar, copying the email's full headers.


What if you need remote access to my computer?

In some special cases, we may need to join you in watching what's actually happening on your computer, so we can pinpoint any issues and fix them right there and then. Simply install this extension on your Chrome browser, enable the "Sharing" option and provide us the code shown.