Signing up for an E-goi service

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Understand the process of signing up, modifying and using E-goi plans and services so that you can boost your digital marketing effectively and aligned with your business goals.



Signing up for an E-goi service

E-goi offers several usage modalities of platform tools to optimize your digital marketing strategy, from monthly consumption plans to pay-as-you-go for occasional use. In this article, we will address in detail how you can upgrade a plan, change it, cancel it, add extras, top up pay-as-you-go, use packs, and understand contact counting, as well as understand Personalized Strategic Accompaniment and other frequently asked questions.



Before you start


E-goi and your business

Before opting for a plan, pay-as-you-go, pack or specific functionality, it is recommended to have clear goals for your business or project and understand how each plan or service can fit your needs. Evaluate the limitations and benefits of each option offered by E-goi to make an informed decision.



E-goi plans

Ideal for frequent email sends. For a fixed monthly price, you can send out any number of emails. The monthly price is determined by:

  • the size of your contact list.
  • the extra features you add to your plan.

Available plans

  • Social One (free): For those who have no financial resources or contacts and want to start building their contact database.
  • Base: For those who are experienced and need a turnkey solution to promote their business.
  • Pro: For those who need advanced solutions and strategy coaching.
  • Corporate: Tailored solutions for renowned companies.

At any time, you can modify your plan, either with additional contacts and features or by switching to another plan.



Ideal for occasional sends via any channel (SMS, email, etc.). Pay for what you send only (eg. a campaign every 6 months).

When topping up your account, you'll automatically sign up for our GoSend plan, a no-cost, no-commitment plan - you will only pay for the messages you send.



Sending packs

The ideal solution for occasionally sending large volumes of SMS messages.

You can choose from different packs with different message volumes.



Trial account

When you create your E-goi account, we give you 30 days to try out the majority of the features. This period is called "trial" and you can upgrade your account at any time.



How your contacts are calculated

For Base, Pro, or Social One plans

We count all contacts:

We do not count contacts:

Therefore, a contact with, for example, an email address and a web push token, will be counted as two contacts, as they are two different means of contact for the same person.



  • I have 5000 email addresses, 100 of which are duplicates. The total number of contacts will be 5000 (including duplicates).
  • I have 5000 email addresses, 2000 web push tokens, and 1000 push tokens. The total number of contacts will be 8000 (we add them all up).
  • I have 5000 email addresses, 100 of which also have web push tokens. The total number of contacts will be 5100 (contacts with an email address and web push token or push token are counted as separate contacts).
  • I have 5000 web push tokens. The total number of contacts will be 5000.
  • I have 5000 email addresses, 100 of which are in the "removed" state. The total number of contacts will be 4900 (removed contacts are not counted).
  • I have 5000 email addresses, plus 300 mobile numbers. The total number of contacts will be 5000 (mobile-only contacts are not counted).

To see the total number of contacts in your account, simply go to the Plan and Balance Management of your E-goi account (from the menu in the top right corner) and check the information under Contacts.

his calculation applies to our current plans. If you are still using one of our old plans or if you have a Corporate plan, contact calculation may be different.


For Packs and the GoSend plan

Since in Packs and the GoSend plan, you only pay for the messages you send, you can have any number of contacts in your account.





Creating a Trial account

1) Create an E-goi account normally.

2) You will have 30 days to try out the majority of the features and you can upgrade at any time.

3) In the top menu, you will always see a notification indicating how many days are left in your trial period.


Limitations of the Trial account

Your 30-day trial grants access to most E-goi features. You're able to send out:
- 250 emails
- 10 SMS or SmartSMS messages
- 5 voice broadcasts
- 250 web push messages
- 250 push messages
- 250 transactional emails
- 10 transactional SMS

And you can also create:
- 2 contact lists (with a maximum of 100 contacts for both)
- 3 forms
- 1 automation
- 4 senders
- 3 open tickets (our support folks should get back to you in 2-3 days - usually much earlier)




Signing up for the free Social One plan

1) Click on the Upgrade button in the top right corner of your account. On the plan selection page, choose Social One and confirm your choice.

2) If you haven't already signed up for any other E-goi plan, Social One is ready to use.

What you can do with the Social One plan


Limitations of the Social One plan

  • 1 contact list
  • Up to 100 contacts per list
  • 10 social network posts per month
  • 500 web push sends
  • 1 automation
  • Unlimited forms and landing pages
  • Unlimited email sends
  • Unlimited segments
  • A couple advanced features are only available on paid plans. How plans compare



Signing up for a paid plan

1) Click on the Upgrade button in the top right corner of your E-goi account.

2) Choose your plan (Base, Pro, or Corporate) and, if needed, customize with extras: how many additional contacts do you need? Do you want to send SMS messages? Do you need more contact lists? Define everything according to your needs.

3) Proceed to payment and fill in your details. Make the payment through one of the various available methods.

4) Finalize the purchase. The receipt will be issued a few days later.

5) Usually, you can use the plan right away, but it depends on the payment method you chose.

  • Credit card or Paypal account: up to 24 hours (although it usually takes only a few minutes).
  • Multibanco reference (in Portugal): up to 24 hours (although it usually takes only a few minutes).
  • Direct debit: up to 15 days (only for the first payment; subsequent payments are immediate).
  • Boleto Bancário (in Brazil): usually 3 to 5 days (until it is approved by the payment platform).
  • Pix (in Brazil): up to 10 minutes.

In certain situations, your first payment may also be subject to fraud and spam verification, which can take up to 48 hours. We cannot speed up these processes as they are carried out by external payment services that we do not control.



Changing the credit card associated with the plan

Card associated with the plan

1) Go to the menu in the upper right corner and click on Plan and Balance Management.

2) There you can see your plan. Then click on Options.

3) Then just click on Use another card and fill in the details.

4) Our system will save this indication and a few days before the plan renewal, you will receive an email notification to validate the new card by following these same steps.


Card associated with automatic top-ups

1) Follow the same steps above, but in the My Balance tab.



Canceling the plan

1) Go to the menu in the upper right corner and click on Plan and Balance Management.

2) Under My Plan, click on Cancel Plan and follow the steps.

The plan will be canceled, but you can continue to use it until the expiration date. The payment will no longer be made on the card. On the plan expiration date, the account will default to pay-as-you-go, which requires topping it up to send messages.



Changing plans

1) Go to the menu in the top right corner of your account and click on Upgrade.

2) Choose the new plan and confirm.

3) If the plan is higher than the one you currently have (i.e., an upgrade), you will need to pay the difference and it will be available immediately. If it's a lower plan (a downgrade), the change will only take effect when your current plan expires (so you can make the most of it).



Topping up your pay-as-you-go account

1) Go to Plan and Balance Management through the top right menu of your E-goi account.

2) Click on My Balance and then on the Top Up button.

3) Choose the amount to top up and proceed to payment.

When you top up your account, you'll automatically sign up for the GoSend plan, a no-cost, no-commitment plan - you only pay for the messages you send.



Buying SMS packs

1) Go to the menu in the top right corner of your account and click on Plan and Balance Management.

2) On that page, you will find the Packs area. Packs only allow SMS sending and may only be available for certain plans. Click on Purchase Packs.

3) Choose the packs you want. You can choose as many as you want. For example:

  • 2 packs of 5000 SMS
  • 1 pack of 25000 SMS

When you have made your selection, click Next and follow the steps to make the payment.

4) You can check the status of your packs at any time in the Plan and Balance Management area.



Payment methods

For Base and Pro plans:

  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • National credit card (for Brazil)
  • Boleto Bancário and Pix (for Brazil)
  • Multibanco Reference (for Portugal)
  • Direct Debit (for Portugal)

For Corporate plans:

  • All the methods from Base and Pro plans
  • Bank Transfer

For pay-as-you-go messages:

  • All methods from Base and Pro plans, except Direct Debit.



Getting your E-goi payment invoice

Depending on how you made your payment, you will receive an email from us with the invoice a few days later.

In Brazil, we can only issue a receipt for payments made using Boleto. In Portugal, we issue an invoice for all payments. The document is also available in your E-goi account in PDF format. To view the proof of payment document:

1) Go to the menu in the top right corner and click on "Payments" and then on the "Paid" tab.

2) You will see all the payments you made. Payments that have an invoice have an icon on the right. Simply click on that icon "Invoice (PDF)" (it looks like a sheet of paper) to obtain the PDF of that payment.

The PDF has a digital signature. If Adobe Reader displays a warning when you try to open the document, right-click on the first line (the one that says "Rev. 1") and choose "Show signature properties". In "Summary", click on "Show certificate", go to the "Trust" menu, and click on "Add to trusted identities".


Changing your billing information

You have two options to do this: at the time of payment or by accessing your account information. If you choose the second option, follow these steps:

1) Go to the menu in the top right corner and click on "Account Options".

2) In the left sidebar, click on "Billing" and make the necessary changes to your company's information. When you're done, simply click on the "Save" button.

The next invoices or tax receipts issued by E-goi will already have this new information.


Sending invoices to other people from E-goi

1) Click on the top right corner and then on "Account Options".

2) In the left sidebar, click on "Billing". Then, at the bottom of this page, click on "Advanced".

3) There you can add the email addresses of the people you want to send the invoices to. You can also write comments for those who receive the invoices.



Using an E-goi voucher

1) Go to the top bar and click on the Upgrade button.

2) Choose your plan and enter the promo code on the right side of the page. Click on "Redeem" and the plan's value should change right away.

3) Then proceed with the purchase normally.



Viewing the costs of my campaigns

1) Click on the menu in the top right corner (where your username is) and choose "Payments".

2) In the "Account Balance" tab, click on the "Cost Report" button.

3) The report will open and show the cost of all the email campaigns you've already sent. You can group the data in different ways (by date, by contact list, and even by each individual send).

If you signed up for one of our per-contact plans, sending emails is essentially free (we'll only charge you a flat fee for the number of contacts in your E-goi account). This is why you'll see zero as your send cost.

4) To also view the cost of SMS messages, voice calls, or other types of campaigns you've sent, just click on them on the left side of the page.


Data prior to March 1, 2018

For technical reasons, the report does not show data prior to March 1, 2018. If you need this information:

1) Click on the menu in the top right corner (where your username is) and choose "Payments".

2) Go to the "Account Balance" tab and click on the "Export" button. E-goi will export a list with the cost of all the campaigns and payments you've made in your account, which you can then process in software like Excel.



Editing your usage notifications

As you use E-goi, you'll get automatic email alerts when reaching certain usage limits.

These include:

  • The number of contacts in your plan. E-goi will notify you if you’re nearing the limit.
    Example: Your E-goi plan has a 2500-contact limit. E-goi can warn you when you reach 90% of your limit.
  • Your account balance. E-goi will notify you if your funds drop below a certain amount.
    Example: You have a GoSend plan (pay-as-you-go). E-goi can warn you whenever you're low on funds.
  • Your number of sends. E-goi will notify you if your sends reach a certain threshold.
    Example: Your plan supports sending web push messages. E-goi can warn you if you reach a specific number of web push sends for the current month.

To change when E-goi will notify you:

1) Click the upper-right corner menu (where you see your username) and select My account.

2) Click Usage notifications on the left-hand side.

3) Edit the limit you want and hit Save.



Frequently Asked Questions


What happens to the trial account when the 30-day trial period ends?

It gets suspended and will be deleted 90 days later. You should purchase a plan if you want to continue using it after the suspension.


I bought a pack of 5000 SMS messages and I've already sent some, but they don't seem to be deducted from the pack. What happened?

It's possible that you still have SMS credits available in your plan and, therefore, E-goi started deducting those credits first.

E-goi deducts credits in the following order:

  • Plan
  • Extras
  • Packs
  • Account balance


What is the national credit card?

It is a credit card that can only be used in Brazil. E-goi accepts payments via national credit card, as long as the amount does not exceed R$4000.


I live in Brazil. Why is the IOF tax applied to my payment?

The headquarters of E-goi is not located in Brazil. Therefore, your bank considers the payment to be a foreign purchase, subject to the IOF (Financial Transaction Tax).

This tax is imposed by the government and E-goi has no control over it.

However, the IOF does not apply to Boleto and Pix payment methods. Choose the most advantageous option for your case.


I made a payment. How long does it take to process?

  • Credit card: immediate
  • Paypal account: immediate
  • Boleto Bancário (for Brazil): up to 7 days
  • Pix (for Brazil): up to 10 minutes
  • Referência Multibanco (for Portugal): on the same day
  • Débito Directo (for Portugal): up to 10 days
  • Bank transfer: up to 10 days suspended and will be eliminated 90 days later. You must purchase a plan if you want to use it after suspension.


I have an old E-goi Plan. What should I do now?

If you have an old plan, you may be in one of these scenarios:

  • You are happy with your current plan: In this case, nothing changes. Just keep your plan active, meaning do not let it expire. Otherwise, you will need to choose one of the new plans.
  • You need a plan with higher or lower capacity: In this case, you should choose one of the new plans.

To switch from an old plan to a new plan, simply upgrade your account. You can choose one of the new plans and customize it to your needs.


What happened to the free 5001 plan?

It no longer exists, but as an alternative, you have two free options to try before opting for a paid plan:

  • A 30-day free trial to try all the features of E-goi.
  • The free Social One plan, ideal for those starting their digital marketing strategy.


What is the tax identification number (NIF or CNPJ) of E-goi?

E-goi's information for issuing invoices in Brazil:

Company Name
E-goi Digital Brasil LTDA
Rua Michigan, 904, Iguaçu
CEP: 86060280 - Londrina - Paraná


Fiscal information for your finance department:

Company Name
E-goi, Lda
Postal Address
Av. Menéres, 834
4450-190 Matosinhos
Tax Identification Number (NIF or VAT number)
PT 514727420


Does E-goi have a refund policy?

Yes. We are confident that you will love E-goi, but if it does not meet your expectations, you can request a refund of the amount paid and provide us with the reason up to 30 days after the purchase.

We will refund if:

  • you have not violated our Terms of Service (which you agreed to when creating your account).
  • you are a first-time E-goi customer (meaning you have not had a paid E-goi account at any other time).

If, instead of purchasing a plan, you have bought pay-as-you-go messages, you can also request a refund up to 30 days (we will refund the amount corresponding to the unused credit) if:


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