Signing up for an E-goi plan

Quite simple actually:

1) Hit the "Upgrade" button on the upper right corner of your E-goi account.

2) Choose a plan and personalise it: How many contacts do you need? Would you like to send SMS campaigns? Do you need a dedicated IP?

3) Then, click "Proceed to pay". Fill in your personal details and complete your payment using one of our payment methods.

Click "Pay" and it's done! We'll invoice you a short while later.



Can I top-up my account?

Sure! Actually you'll need that balance to cover the budget of your ads campaigns.

First of all, you need to start by signing up a plan.

Then, you can top-up your account:

1) Go to "Account info" on the upper right corner of your account.

2) Then select "Plans and top-ups" on the left bar menu.

3) Click "My balance" tab and hit "Top up again".

4) Choose the amount and click "Proceed to pay".



How long will my payment take to clear?

It depends on the method you've selected. Check out this breakdown



How can I change my plan?

Head over to the upper right corner menu of your account and click "Change" (next to the plan's name). Select your new plan and confirm your choice. If you're upgrading to a larger-volume plan, just pay the difference and you can use it straight away. If you're downgrading though, the switch to the smaller plan will only happen once the validity period of your current plan ends (so you can benefit from the largest possible contact volume at all times).



How can I cancel my plan?

Just go to the upper right corner menu of your account and hit "Cancel" (next to the plan's name).

If you haven't actually signed up for any plan yet, but you'd like to delete a plan you've already selected for payment, head over to the upper right corner menu and click "Account balance". Then simply hit the trash can icon next to the plan to remove it.