Which payment methods does E-goi accept?

For our Base and Pro plans:
- Credit card
- Paypal account
- Cartão de crédito nacional (in Brazil)
- Boleto Bancário and Pix (in Brazil)
- Referência Multibanco (in Portugal)
- Débito Directo (in Portugal)

For Corporate plans:
- All methods available for Base and Pro plans
- Bank transfer

For pay-as-you-go:
- All methods available for Base and Pro plans, except for Débito Directo.

What's a "cartão de crédito nacional"?

It's a local credit card which can only be used in Brazil. We accept cartão nacional payments, as long as the amount to pay doesn't exceed R$4000.



How long does it take to process my payment?

- Credit card: instant
- Paypal account: instant
- Boleto Bancário (in Brasil): up to 7 days
- Pix (in Brazil): up to 10 minutes
- Referência Multibanco (in Portugal): same day
- Débito Directo (in Portugal): up to 10 days
- Bank transfer: up to 10 days

If your account has been suspended due to lack of payment, it will be re-enabled once your payment has been processed.



I live in Brazil. Why do I need to pay IOF tax?

E-goi isn't head-quartered in Brazil, which means your bank sees your payment as non-domestic and hence subject to IOF (Imposto sobre Operações Financeiras).

We have no say on this (it's a legal requirement) and can't do anything to prevent it.

Keep in mind IOF isn't levied if you pay via Boleto or Pix though.