Navigating the E-goi menu

Need to quickly head over to your contact lists, forms, campaigns, automations, reports and account settings? Just use the E-goi menu!


What can I do using it?

The menu is quite simple to navigate. We made it feel similar to the usual steps in a marketing campaign.

First on the menu is Contacts, where you can glance at your contact lists (or view everyone in them) and change list settings.

Next you'll see Collect, with a host of features to bring in people to your lists, such as landing pages, sign-up forms or web push invites.

You can then Engage your contacts using E-goi's messaging channels (email, SMS, automations, social posts and more), as well as viewing all your campaigns and A/B tests.

Reports is next, so you can gauge the results of your sends. Advanced reports, transactional analytics and sales tracking across your site (if you enable E-goi's Track & Engage) all go here.

Right alongside it is My resources, where you can manage your tags and templates.

You'll also see a user menu on the upper right corner - this allows you to view your account details and do some extra tinkering, such as managing your plan, payments and integrations.

The menu includes a Help section as well, in case you need to ask us any questions.


Can I find a feature or setting without navigating the menu?

Yep! Simply use the menu's quick-search (upper right corner). Say you want to create an automation but can't remember its menu item. Just search for "automation" and E-goi will pull them up for you!