Which behaviour triggers can I use for my pop-up forms and on-site messages?

Learn how to create engaging pop-up forms and on-site messages with E-goi. Choose from various triggers, set display preferences, and target specific contact segments for highly-relevant messaging. E-goi tracks site visitors and matches them to contacts for personalized interactions.

Showing conditional content according to devices or segments

This article explains how to show conditional content based on devices and segments, as well as how to ensure correct contact identification in segments.

Creating a WhatsApp form

E-goi allows you to set up a WhatsApp form on your site, making it easy for people to get in touch with your business. Simply click the icon and send a message with your contact info. Capture new leads and nurture them using various channels and automations.

Smartforms. What are they and how can I enable them?

Smartforms allow you to progressively collect contact information by displaying a set number of fields per visit, personalizing the buyer's journey and increasing conversions. Activate this feature by customizing your forms and enabling Smartforms in the settings.

Pop-up forms. What are they and how do I create one for my website?

Create customizable pop-up or floating window forms on your website with E-goi to improve lead generation and capture strategies.

Creating a sign-up landing page

Easily create sign-up landing pages in E-goi to promote your business and generate more leads. Learn how to create, share, and analyze your page results.

Adding a tracking code to my E-goi landing page

To track visits and conversions on your E-goi landing page, follow these steps: 1) Go to Collect menu, select Landing pages, and click View all. Access the landing page's settings and choose Options. 2) Under Advanced options, choose Embed external HTML and paste your tracking code. For Facebook's remarketing pixel, refer to this guide ( For email tracking with Google Analytics, check out our integration guide...

Customising my form's double opt-in

To change the default double opt-in behavior of a form, go to the Collect menu, select Forms, click View all, and choose Behavior. From there, you can customize confirmation emails and redirect sign-ups to a specific page.

Adding a sign-up form to my website

E-goi provides an easy way to create sign-up landing pages and embedded forms for your website. You can easily enable or disable the form through Connected Sites.

Adding Facebook's remarketing pixel to an E-goi landing page

Use the Facebook pixel to target your site visitors with Facebook ads. Add the pixel's HTML code snippet to your site or E-goi landing page. Use the Facebook Pixel Helper tool to confirm the code is tracking your visitors.

Why do my subscription confirmation emails include an attachment?

If you have a double opt-in form, E-goi will send a vCard file in the opt-in email, which helps with deliverability to inbox. You can't remove it.

What does each of my form or landing page options do?

E-goi offers a variety of options for creating forms and landing pages, including language customization, page links, SEO optimization, and advanced HTML embedding. Additionally, you can set language assignments for contacts, tag contacts, customize confirmation emails, and limit sign-ups for time-sensitive campaigns.